World of Tea:
5 Must-Try Varieties

By Shruti Sanwariya

Its delicately processed leaves offer subtle sweetness and floral notes, providing a gentle and fragrant tea-drinking experience.

White Tea

The semi-oxidized leaves of this tea create a diverse flavor profile, ranging from floral to fruity, with a smooth and enjoyable finish.

Oolong Tea

Fermented and aged tea, presents earthy, mellow flavors. It is appreciated for its complexity and potential health perks. This enriches tea aficionados' palates.

Pu-erh Tea

Caffeine-free infusions offer varied flavors and potential health benefits, derived from herbs, flowers, or spices, perfect for relaxation.

Herbal Tea

Unoxidized leaves provide a light, vegetal taste, rich in antioxidants. This promotes refreshment and health benefits.

Green Tea

It has a bold flavor from fully oxidized leaves, commonly enjoyed with milk or lemon. It offers a satisfying and robust taste for tea enthusiasts.

Black Tea

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