You Won't Believe! Top Causes of Heart Strokes in Young Adults

By Shruti Sanwariya


Though traditionally associated with the elderly, diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes are increasingly prevalent in young adults, elevating the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Recreational Drug Abuse

Recreational drug use, including cocaine, marijuana, and heroin combinations, heightens the risk of strokes and heart attacks in young adults.

Traumatic Neck Injuries

Trauma to the neck from accidents or sports, without safety measures like seat belts or helmets, can cause brain blood vessel damage and increase the possibility of stroke.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Low physical activity levels contribute to heart disease risk factors, increasing the likelihood of strokes in young adults.

Lack of Quality Sleep

Inadequate sleep compromises cardiovascular health, raising the risk of strokes and heart attacks in young adults.

Rare Autoimmune, Rheumatological Factors

In rare cases, autoimmune disorders like vasculitis or rheumatological conditions can lead to inflammation of brain blood vessels, increasing the risk of stroke.

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