4th Edition Agro & Machinery Expo 2019

4th Edition Agro & Machinery Expo 2019

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58 % of India's Population. Gross Value added by agriculture, Forestry & Fishing is Estimated at Rs.17.67 Trillion ( US $  274.23 Billion ) in FY18. 

The Indian Industry is Poised for huge growth, increasing its contribution to world Food Trade every year due to its Immense potential for value edition, particularly with in the Food Processing Industry. The Indian Food & Grocery Market is the world 6th Largest, with retail contributing 70% of the sales. The Indian Food Processing Industry Accounts for 32 % of the countries total food market, one of the largest industries in India & is ranked 5th in terms of Productions, Consumption, Export & Expected Growth it contributes around 8.80 %  & 8.39 % Grass Value added (GVA) in Manufacturing & Agriculture Respectively, 13 % of India's Exports & 6 % of total Industrial Investment.

India is the Second largest Food Producer in the world. Production of Horticulture Crops is estimated at record 307.16 Million Tonnes (MT) in 2017 -18 as per second advance estimates.   

About Agri - Machinery industry in INDIA

1.4 M more shoppers intend to trade up to Red Tractor following TV Advertising Campaign. 

The number of primary shopper who say they will trade up & buy Red Tractor food instead of cheaper alternative as jumped by 1.4 Million following the Assurance Scheme's autumn advertising campaign. 

An 8 week program of activity sphere headed by the organization first ever. As well as the spike in purchasing intend. The number of shoppers associating the log with reachable food from Farms to Pack was nearly doubled to 62 %. 

Agricultural Machinery is Machinery used in farming or Other Agriculture. There are many types of such Equipment's, From Hand Tools & Power Tools to Tractors & the countless kinds of Farm Implement that the Tow Operate. Especially since the advent of machenisted agriculture, Agricultural machinery is an Indispensable part of how the world is FED. 

Event Name: 4th Edition Agro & Machinery Expo 2019

Date :  11 Oct, 2019 –  13 Oct, 2019

Venue: Sri Prakash Mahal | Trichy | TamilNadu | INDIA

Contact on below addresses for stall booking:

Contact -99622 90902  /  95660 60914



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