The 8th Global Moringa Meet 2021, to be held on 20-22 November in Jaipur, India. It guarantees focus on essential practices in Moringa planting, harvesting and processing.

The Global Moringa Meet 2021 is the 8th critical workshop to be held in India aimed at helping Moringa farmers and project developers around the world to understand the Moringa crop and add value to their Moringa Business Activity. The workshop will focus on the practical considerations of cultivation, management and business potential of Moringa from the perspective of Moringa producer, processer, practioner and Moringa Business developer. The earlier Moringa workshops have enjoyed tremendous success and have positioned Moringa as one of the most viable sources of food and fuel.


  • Entrepreneurs around the globe are finding new ways to monetize the Moringa plant thanks to the pioneering research of Moringa expert at Moringa India shares how easy it is to utilize 100% of the Moringa plant for food, health, fodder, feed, biodiesel and other profit generating revenue streams.

  • Moringa India will also be showcasing its latest integrated Moringa farm development process knowledge system In addition, there will be live and hands-on demonstrations of Moringa nursery, plantation, oil extraction etc. at Moringa farm and at R & D center. 

  • Throughout the three day Meet, attendees will know and learn insights and best practices with world top Moringa Scientists and experts, which can positively impact the bottom line of the organizations/ companies attending.

  • To unlock the efficiency of your Moringa projects to maximize returns, having access to the latest developments in Moringa R&D is a must. By joining us at the 8th Moringa Meet, you will be presented with the up-to-the-minute R&D findings from top Moringa researchers themselves.

For stall booking, sponsorship options & other details, please contact:

Event Name: 8th GLOBAL MORINGA MEET 2021
Date: 20- 22 Nov 2021


Mobile: +91 9829423333

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