Africa Agri Expo 2021

Africa Agri Expo 2021

Africa Agri Expo 2021, the fourth edition of Agriculture Event Series, organized by TAB Group, is a very well- established event promoting Africa’s rich Agriculture sector and helping international companies identify, connect & choose the right business partners in the region.

African Agri Expo 2021- Virtual Event cater an excellent networking platform for Agriculture Companies, Service Providers, Machinery & Equipment Companies, Technology Companies, Agro-Chemical and Fertilizer companies, Seed Companies, and Investors to build valuable connections and explore numerous business opportunities irrespective of geographical barriers.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Government schemes for promoting agriculture, farming and investment in the sector

  • Financing bodies

  • Investment Opportunities

  • Smart Agriculture- What does the future say?

  • Advanced technologies and recent scientific discoveries

  • Sustainable agriculture & water resources management

  • Agriculture & food security: the role of public & private sectors

  • International marketing and trade of agricultural products

  • Reducing Post Harvest food losses- sustainable solution

  • Food Processing Technology, Preservation and Logistics, Agro- products Quality and Bio- safety

  • Sustainable Seedling management, challenges and prospects

For other details, please contact:

Event Name: Africa Agri Expo 2021
Date: 7- 8 July 2021

TAB Group

Mobile: +91 1204951800

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