Forex Expo 2021

Forex Expo 2021

Forex Expo 2021 will be organized by FINEXPO on 18- 19 November 2021 at Limassol, Cyprus. It is the most interactive and global B2B event in the Forex industry- the legendary Forex Expo with a 20 year history will take place in Cyprus.

This event brings together not only top-professionals and global leaders but also those who are just getting into the Forex Industry, Banks, Brokers, Trading Software, Affiliates, Introducing brokers and white label partners, Payment systems and Investment.

Cyprus was chosen as a meeting spot which makes it even more perfect as a financial center of modern financial Europe. Experts and investors from other continents will join us under one roof to discuss the hottest topics in the forex world and bring the industry to a new level.

Why Exhibit?

  • Forex Expo is not only a global event but a unique space for personal and business development where every attendee will get an opportunity to join the biggest show filled with exhibition booths, networking lounges, conference and workshop spaces as well as to meet top experts and innovators in the forex industry and artificial intelligence.

  • In the recent years FINEXPO international events have made a huge impact on the development of hundreds of companies in the financial industry. It is now a meeting place for market leaders, government representatives and top professionals as well as a signing spot of thousands of contracts that globally influenced the development of financial technologies.

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: Forex Expo 2021
Date: 18- 19 November 2021


Address: 2 Griva Digeni Avenue, Pamelva Building, 3035 Limassol, Cyprus

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