GPMB 2021

6th Edition of Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology (GPMB 2021)will begin from September 30 - October 2, 2021 at Paris, France with the theme of Accentuate Innovations and Emerging Novel Research in Plant Sciences.

GPMB 2021 is an international platform that amalgamates world renowned botany experts of both academics and industries from everywhere of the world. This event brings together all the plant science scientists, professors, researchers, botanists, agronomists, academicians to exchange and ability the novel ideas and innovations specializing in each theory and practices of Plant Science and Molecular Biology. It’s a mixture of keynote addresses, thought provocative lectures by most eminent speakers and poster presentations. GPMB 2021 conjointly welcomes workshops, symposia and exhibitors to showcase and share their innovations, ideas, laboratory techniques and developments with the World-renowned plant science experts coming round the globe.

Conference Topics:

  • Plant Biotechnology

  • Plant Biology

  •  Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

  • Plant and Environment

  • Plant Biochemistry and Biosystems

  • Plant Molecular Biology

  • Agronomy and Agricultural Research

  • Plant Ecology and Taxonomy

  • Phytochemical Analysis

  • Microbiology and Phycology

  • Weed Science and Pest Management

  • Plant Entomology

  • Plant Sciences and Plant Research

  • Plant Pathology and Mycology

  • Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences

  • Plant Diseases and Bryology

  • Plant Anatomy and Morphology

  • Plant Science: Antibodies, Antigens and Antibiotics

  • Plant Metabolic Engineering

  • Plant Hormones

  • Plant Genetics and Genomics

  • Plant Tissue Culture

  • Plant Neurobiology

  • Sensing and signalling in Plant Stress Response

Top Reasons to Attend:

  • Uncover what’s going around the world in the field of Plant Science, Molecular Biology through presentations by experts.

  • Launch your institution in front of renowned personalities from universities, industries and academia. This conference will set a platform for enduring partnership and globalizing commercialization and production.

  • See how innovative technologies are being developed and used around the world.

  • GPMB 2021 is wrapped with many interesting and emerging topics from Plant Science and Molecular Biology.

  • GPMB provides a unique convergence of networking, learning and fun into a single package. GPMB forces you to grow and challenge yourself.

For stall booking, sponsorship options & other details, please contact:

Event Name: GPMB 2021
September 30-October 2, 2021

Magnus Group


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