Iran Agrofood

Iran Agrofood will be organized by the Fair Trade on 22- 25 September 2021 at Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds, Tehran, Iran. Iranian imports of agricultural technology have grown by 15.8% annually over the past five years.

Iran agrofood consists of the four sub-brands: agro, food + bev tec, food ingredients and food + hospitality. Iran agrofood is the industry’s most important platform for valuable business contacts for Iran and its neighbouring countries. Iran agrofood proved that it can also be successful in corona times, provided hygiene and safety precautions are strictly observed.

Iran at a glance:

  • An energy superpower with the world’s largest natural gas supply and the 4th largest proven oil reserves

  • With 85 million inhabitants the second most populous nation in the Middle East and the 17th most populous in the world

  • Leading industries in the Middle East in car-manufacture and transportation, construction materials, home appliances, food and agricultural goods, armaments, pharmaceuticals, information technology, power and petrochemicals

  • A regional power with major influence in the region

  • A top five producer in the world of apricots, cherries, sour cherries, cucumbers and gherkins, dates, eggplants, figs, pistachios, quinces, saffron, walnuts, and watermelons

  • Geostrategic importance because of its central location in Eurasia and Western Asia, and its proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, a major regional and middle power, exerting considerable influence in international energy security and the world economy

  • Host to Asia‘s 4th- largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and home to one of the world‘s oldest civilizations

For stall booking, sponsorship options & other details, please contact:

Event Name: Iran Agrofood
Date: 22- 25 September 2021

Fair Trade

Mobile: +49 6221456513

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