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Saudi Agriculture 2022

Saudi Agriculture 2022
Saudi Agriculture 2022

The 39th edition of Saudi Agriculture to the capital, an established exhibition showcasing leading technological advancements, innovative products and machinery alongside solutions for best practice in this sector.

Saudi Agriculture provides a trusted platform for technology pathfinders from around the world to spearhead new approaches to the industry providing investment opportunities, products and solutions for our attendees. Other areas of the exhibition focus on robotics in horticulture, bee hiving, livestock and sustainable green houses. Together we can revolutionize the future of farming and continue, with nearly 40 years of experience as a respected event, certifying the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a major player in the Agricultural sector. The conference program running throughout the show welcomes in depth discussions and debates on various topics including aquaculture and the implementation of measures required to achieve self sufficiency and food security in the region.

Why Exhibits?

  • Align your company with major players in the sector.

  • Associate your brand with 39 years of agricultural event experience.

  • Organize new distribution channels to profit from the Arab market.

  • Promote new technology, machinery and progressive processes.

  • Recruit regional agents to represent your brand in the Middle East.

  • Discuss the importance of areas including aquaculture, live stock and bee hiving.

  • Widen your target market and strengthen your brand.

  • Meet major investors and traders to generate commercial leads.

  • Revolutionize the farming land and seascape for the future.

For stall booking, sponsorship options & other details, please contact:

Event Name: Saudi Agriculture 2022
17- 20 October 2022

Riyadh Exhibitions Company Ltd.

Address: 6709 Al Ulaya – Al Muruj Dist.
Unit No. 19, Riyadh 12281 – 2576
+966 920024020

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