World Agri-Tech South America Summit

World Agri-Tech South America Summit

World Agri-Tech South America Summit will be organized by Rethink on 29- 30 June 2021 in virtual mode. The purpose of this summit is to investigate the role of technology in achieving a more sustainable, efficient and healthy agri-food supply chain for South America.

Topics of Discussion:

  • How are agribusinesses across South America applying new technologies and business models to enhance productivity and strengthen their competitive position on the global stage?

  • How is the innovation ecosystem in the region maturing and what level of activity are we seeing? What are the key drivers for strategy and growth?

  • Where are we seeing the greatest opportunities for collaboration and partnership? How are international and local players collaborating?

  • How can regulation and government better support the pace of innovation? What’s happening now and what needs to change?

  • What is the role of Agri-food businesses operating across South America in building a more robust, sustainable and resource efficient supply chain?

  • Where, and how, do corporate sustainability commitments to better farming practices meet farm operators? How are agribusinesses partnering with growers to facilitate on farm innovation that boosts yields and revenues, while also protecting soil health and reducing the need for inputs?

  • To what extent are the international pressures on sustainable practices focused on the right areas? How can ESG and other investments become more targeted towards adopting climate-smart technologies and innovation?

  • How do we move regenerative agriculture out of pilot purgatory? What are the partnerships needed to effectively fund and scale holistic regenerative practices?

For other details, please contact:

Event Name: World Agri-Tech South America Summit
Date: 29- 30 June 2021


Mobile: +44 (0)1273789989

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