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Domestic Tractor Sales Reached a Total of 51932 Units in Feb 2022; Drops By 31.35%

Domestic tractor sales fell by 31.35 percent in February of this year. Total tractor sales in February 2022 were 51932 units, compared to 75645 units in February 2021.

Chintu Das

Domestic tractor sales fell by 31.35 percent in February of this year. Total tractor sales in February 2022 were 51932 units, compared to 75645 units in February 2021. We also have brand-by-brand sales data in front of you that offers you a comprehensive image of the tractor brands.

On the other hand, the “Farm Mechanization Market” worldwide is growing at a fast rate. The global Farm Mechanization market size is projected to reach USD million by 2028, from USD million in 2021, at a CAGR of % during 2022-2028.


In the month of February 2022, tractor sales dipped by 30.40 percent. Mahindra Tractors sold 18910 units in February 2022, and 27170 units in February 2021. Apart from that, Mahindra increased its market share by 0.50 percent this month.

TAFE Group

Domestic tractor sales fell by 33.46 percent. In February 2022, the firm sold 9124 tractors, compared to 13713 in February 2021. Furthermore, in February 2022, TAFE Group lost 0.56 percent of its market share.


Domestic tractor sales dropped by 33.34 percent. Sonalika tractor sales fell by 6505 units in February 2022, compared to 9758 units in February 2021. Sonalika Tractors also saw a 0.37 percent drop in market share.

Escorts Group

Domestic tractor sales fell 46.81 percent from 10690 units in February 2021 to 5686 units in February 2022. As a result, the company's market share fell by 3.18 percent.

John Deere Tractors

Domestic tractor sales fell 23.34 percent from 7079 units in February 2021 to 5427 units in February 2022. However, its market share increased somewhat from 9.36 to 10.45 percent.

New Holland Tractors

New Holland Tractors reported a reduction in domestic tractor sales of 18.80%, with 2384 units sold compared to 2936 units sold the previous year. As a consequence, in February 2022, the company's market share climbed by 0.71 percent.

Kubota Tractors

Kubota Tractors sold 1609 domestic tractors in February 2022, up from 1511 units sold in February 2022, a 6.49 percent increase. The company's market share increased by 1.10 percent as a consequence.

Indo Farm Tractors

Domestic tractor sales increased by 30.32 percent. The firm sold 606 units in February 2022, compared to 465 units in February 2021, for the greatest total February sales results ever. The company's entire domestic market share increased somewhat, from 0.61 percent to 1.71 percent.

Preet Tractors

In February 2022, Preet Tractors sold 556 units domestically, compared to 782 units in February 2021. They reported a 28.90 percent decrease in sales. The market share of Preet Tractors grew by 0.04 percent.

Force Tractors

Domestic tractor sales are down 12.76 percent. The corporation obtains 0.14 percent of the market as a result of this. In February 2022, they sold 335 units, compared to 384 in February 2021.

VST Tractors

Domestic tractor sales plummeted in February 2022. In February 2022, sales fell by 34.31 percent. Along with this, the company's market share dropped by 0.03 percent.

ACE Tractors

When compared to February 2021, ACE Tractors has seen a tremendous growth of 16.50 percent this month. ACE Tractors domestic sales of 233 tractors in February 2022 against 200 tractors in February 2021. This allows them to increase their market share by 0.18 percent in February 2022.

Captain Tractors

In February 2022, Captain Tractors had a 48.73 percent drop in domestic tractor sales. In February 2022, Captain Tractors sold 161 units, compared to 314 units in February 2021. Additionally, Captain Tractors' market share fell by 0.11 percent last month.

SDF Tractors

In February 2022, SDF Tractors sold 105 units, whereas in February 2021, the company sold 200 units. SDF Tractors' domestic sales have dropped by 47.50 percent. SDF Tractors also lost 0.06 percent of its market share as a result of this.

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