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Tractor Junction is India's no. 1 New/Used Tractor Online Portal

KJ Contributor
KJ Contributor
Tractor Junction
Tractor Junction

Currently, Tractor Junction listed 22500+ used tractors for top tractor brands. The monthly 500k+ users recorded on Tractor Junction for old tractors inquiry. Additionally, 126k clicks, 1.53M impressions and 8.3% of average CTR were noted. Along with this, 850k plus page views are recorded in data.  

According to the recent data, the Tractor Junction holds the no. 1 position for used tractors. However, we interviewed some Indian farmers who are Tractor Junction users. They said Tractor Junction provides genuine information and certified sellers. As a result, they are enjoying Tractor Junction services, and they are happy to buy used tractors with Tractor Junction.  

According to the users, Tractor Junction provides accurate information regarding used tractors, sellers’ personal details and other information. They can use their application and web browser so conveniently. Tractor Junction also assists them with appropriately used tractors near their area. Users also face good experiences with customer care executives.  

A user said, "We are happy that we bought a used tractor with the help of Tractor Junction. On the site everyone can easily find everything. They also assist you in getting suitable tractors according to our farming needs. Thank You Tractor Junction."    

Another happy customer said, "We are searching for a perfectly used tractor for a year. But, we are not getting a suitable used tractor that matches our needs and budget. Then, I learned that Tractor Junction also displays used tractors. So, we explored the Tractor Junction Application and within a week we brought a perfectly used tractor for our farms. Thank you so much."  

He added, "If any farmer wants a good conditioned second-hand tractor then Tractor Junction is the perfect platform for them." 

In an interview with the CEO of Tractor Junction, Rajat Gupta said, "I am happy that Tractor Junction provides a smile on the faces of Indian farmers with used tractors. Our team is working with an aim to satisfy Indian farmers. This is the prime reason we add genuine used tractors at Tractor Junction with proper details and complete documents at a fair market price. Farmers can apply filters according to their needs, budget and get an apt second-hand tractor for their farms."  

Why is Tractor Junction better than OLX or any other used tractor websites? 

Used tractors for buyers - Tractor Junction provides certified dealers, fair price, good conditioned tractors and proper documents. Along with this, Tractor Junction is easy to use, and buyers can comfortably check out tractors according to their choice in their preferred area. And, here, The middle commission is wholly removed. Buyers can directly buy or get details through a used tractor owner. Buyers can easily buy a tractor at a reasonable price as Tractor Junction registered a used tractor according to the current value of the tractor. The main feature is buyers can select second hand tractor and surf websites in their native language.  

Used Tractors for the seller - Tractor Junction listed tractors that are authentic and proper documents so, if you're falling in this category, then don't worry, your tractor will sell out within a few weeks. If you are a seller who doesn't know the current price of their tractor, in that case, you don't have to worry as Tractor Junction evaluates your tractor according to your provided information then tells you to select the price on which your tractor sells fast. If you are afraid of paying high commissions to sell your used tractor, you can directly connect with authentic buyers at Tractor Junction.  

Used tractors for dealers - Dealers get an authentic platform to buy or sell used tractors at a fair market price. From here, they can get all the details regarding the used tractors in their area.  

How Tractor Junction Helps All the Ecosystem Players in Used Tractor Space? 

Tractor Junction is helping all the ecosystem players start from a farmer, Tractor Dealer, broker and Manufacturers. Tractor Junction provides a platform to all the ecosystem players to easily surf websites and crack a deal according to their choices and price in their area and language.  

Farmers get a platform where they can buy used tractors for their need at a fair price. Tractor Junction saves them from manipulation and fraud.  New Tractor Dealers also get buyers from Tractor Junction.  

Used Tractor Brokers have buyers but don't have used tractors to sell them then Tractor Junction is the right platform to get certified used tractors with documents from the ultimate sellers at fair market value. Here, also get information about used tractors buyers and sellers of their area which provides good growth in their business.  

Tractor manufacturers used to give credits to their dealers. That fund used to be stuck with Used tractor inventory, so Tractor Junction also created white label solutions for OEM's that would help their dealers to liquidate the Used tractors fast and also give insights regarding the ageing of Stock and overall inventory to their respective dealers.    

About Tractor Junction 

Tractor Junction is an authentic online portal where every minute thing regarding tractors or agriculture is provided. The site focused on the fulfillment of the demand of the end users. Recently, in a survey, Tractor Junction became a no. 1 online portal for used tractors. 

Here, farmers can conveniently find used tractors of every top brand at an affordable price range. Additionally, complete details about sellers with documents are mentioned appropriately. Farmers can crack a deal within a few days. For more information, you have to visit Tractor Junction. You can also download the Tractor Junction Mobile app, where you can get each detail in a few clicks.

Source - Tractor Junction  

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