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Guide to Get Flawless Skin: Discover the 14 Must-Have Ingredients for a Healthy Glow!

Skin care products made from natural ingredients are effective at preventing acne, fine lines, and wrinkles, and even reducing inflammation. Let us take a look at natural ingredients that are essential in your skincare routine.

Aarushi Chadha
Vegetables and fruits are packed with beta-carotene, a nutrient that our body converts into vitamin A and helps bring a healthy glow

Having flawless and radiant skin is a dream for many of us. Achieving that perfect glow requires a combination of a healthy lifestyle, a good skincare routine, and the right ingredients. With so many skincare products and ingredients available in the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are the best for your skin.

Carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins- Vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins are packed with beta-carotene, a nutrient that our body converts into vitamin A. This essential nutrient helps heal wounds, protects our skin from sun damage, and encourages cell turnover.

Coconut oil- Coconut oil is used in many cultures to promote healthy skin and healthy hair because of its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. Coconut oil helps fight dry itchy skin and diseases, such as psoriasis and eczema. However, applying coconut oil on blemish-prone areas can lead to acne.

Sugar- Natural sugars such as brown sugar, pure cane sugar, and coconut sugar are great for creating sugar scrubs as they work as a gentle natural exfoliant for the skin compared to coarse salts.

Aloe vera- Aloe vera procured from the aloe plant is a source of biologically active substances, such as vitamins B1, C, B2, choline, niacin amide, enzymes, amino acids, and salicylic acids. Aloe vera gel is used to make natural skin care products because of its anti-inflammatory, healing, and epidermal development properties for sunburn and wounds. It is also beneficial against skin diseases, infections, and insect bites.

Bentonite Clay- Bentonite clay is a natural clay that is known for its medicinal properties and skincare purposes. A natural absorbent, bentonite clay absorbs all toxins from the skin, removes excess oil, bacteria, and dirt, and absorbs excess sebum oil.

Apple cider vinegar- Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar that is procured by fermenting apple juice. Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties and can be used topically on the skin and hair for its natural exfoliating and cleansing properties.

Green tea- Drinking green tea or applying green tea extract on the skin has several benefits. For instance, the polyphenols present in green tea have antioxidant properties as well as soothing abilities that help treat sun-damaged skin and have anti-ageing benefits.

Oatmeal- Applying oatmeal or oat milk on the skin help treat skin irritations, such as eczema, dry skin, poison ivy, poison oak, and insect bites. Oats are a rich source of protein that helps replenish and maintain the skin barrier, along with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemicals.

Vitamin C- Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C is extremely beneficial for the skin. They also contain lycopene, an antioxidant that helps keep the skin smoother and has anti-ageing properties.

Argan oil- Argan oil is a non-fragrant oil that is extracted from the fruit of the Moroccan Argan tree. It is packed with components such as vitamins A and E, fatty acids, and other minor components, such as polyphenols, sterols, squalene, and tocopherols. Argan oil’s emollient nature assists with skin hydration. It also repairs the skin’s barrier function as well as balancing and regulating the production of sebum.

Tea tree oil- Tea tree oil reduces inflammation and redness of the skin associated with acne. It has antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that moisturize the skin and protect the skin against skin infections.

Avocado oil- Avocado oil is another non-fragrant oil that is rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B1, B2, B12, D, and E, lipids, and fatty alcohol. It reduces inflammation caused by skin issues, such as psoriasis, sclerosis, and other skin problems. It also reduces redness from acne.

Shea butter- Shea butter helps hydrate the skin because they are loaded with fatty acids. The plant compounds present in shea butter have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, along with treating and soothing eczema.

Soy- Soybeans contain a variety of plant-based chemicals, such as antioxidants, fatty acids, and isoflavones, that positively impact the skin. They help decrease UV-induced pigmentation and can improve collagen synthesis. It also offers sun protection.

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