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Ashok Gehlot's Rajasthan Agri Business Policy 2019 Strives To Promote Agro-Processing Industries in state

Rajasthan Agri Business Policy 2019 will be applicable to new agro-processing and agri-business enterprises set up in Rajasthan.

Parvathy Pillai
This policy will be applicable to new agro-processing and agri-business enterprises set up in Rajasthan. ( Image Courtesy: Pexels)
This policy will be applicable to new agro-processing and agri-business enterprises set up in Rajasthan. ( Image Courtesy: Pexels)

Rajasthan Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot’s Rajasthan Agri Business Policy 2019 is paving the way among the farmers who are setting up agriculture-based industries in the state. This policy is primed to make Rajasthan a production and supply hub of processed agricultural products and a destination of choice for investors, processors, and exporters.

Rajasthan Agri Business Policy 2019

The Rajasthan Agri Business Policy 2019 seeks to promote and encourage value addition and loss reduction in agriculture, including the horticulture and animal husbandry sector, and encourage the development of agro-processing infrastructure and human resources.

This policy will be applicable to new agro-processing and agri-business enterprises set up in Rajasthan and to existing agro-processing and agribusiness enterprises undergoing modernization, expansion, or diversification.

It aims to fulfill the following:

  • To promote a cluster-based approach in production and agro-processing

  • To promote backward-forward linkage for a sustainable system for the farming and industrial sector

  • To accelerate capital investments in the value and supply chain of agriculture and allied sector

  • To promote market outreach of fresh fruits & and vegetables, ethnic food items, organic produce, and value-added agri-products of the state in the domestic and international markets and to build a strong State brand

  • To support the agro-industry for greater compliance and adoption of the standard of food safety and hygiene in order to meet the norms set up by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and importing countries

  • Capacity building and skill upgradation through institutional training to ensure sustainable employment opportunities for the people and also to reduce the gap in requirement and availability of skilled manpower in the food processing sector

  • To initiate suitable policy measures for developing a fast and vibrant agribusiness sector.

Rajasthan Agri Business Policy 2019: Prominent Features

  • Development of Infrastructural Facilities

  • Capital Investment Subsidy

  • Interest Subsidy

  • Boosting Exports

  • Cluster Development

  • Promotion of FPOs/FPCs

  • Promotion of Livestock Products

  • Promotion of Quality Produce

  • Contract Farming

  • Adoption of “Zero Defect Zero Effect” Policy

  • Focus on Traceability

  • Widening of Markets

  • Online Mandis

  • Providing a conducive atmosphere for setting up Agro-processing Industry and Agri-Business

  • Electricity Facility

  • Employment Generation

  • Promotion of Geographical Indication

  • Promotion of State Brand

  • Creation of Credit Facilitation Fund

The Rajasthan Government has stated that a separate fund of Rs 500 crores will be created with ‘The Rajasthan State Cooperative Bank Limited’ to ensure adequate credit facilities to all the eligible units under the policy.

Rajasthan Agri Business Policy 2019: Who all are Eligible?

The following would be eligible for financial assistance as per the various schemes to be framed for implementation of the Rajasthan Agro-processing, Agribusiness & Agri-export Promotion Policy, 2019.

  • Individuals

  • Group of farmers/growers

  • FPOs/FPCs registered under respective companies Act/cooperatives societies Act/ societies registration Act (with a minimum 50 number of farmer members)

  • Partnership/ Proprietary firms

  • LLP

  • Companies

  • Corporations

  • Self Help Groups (SHGs)

  • Cooperatives

  • Cooperative Marketing Federations engaged in Agro and food processing

Rajasthan Agri Business Policy 2019: Schemes Implemented in this Policy

  • Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme

  • Interest Subsidy on Term Loan Scheme

  • Freight Subsidy Schemes

The Agro-processing and agri-businesses units set up under this Policy would be entitled to the following category of additional incentives:

  • Electricity Related Concessions

  • Land Related provisions/concessions

  • Market Development and Diversification

  • Global Competitiveness Quality and Standards

  • Direct Purchase and Market Fee

  • Contract Farming

  • Project Development Support

  • Human Resource Development

  • Infrastructure Development Support

  • Research & Development

  • Surveys and Studies

  • Start Up Support

For more information visit, rajasthan.gov.in.

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