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2 Lakh plus Kirana Stores Use PayNearby for Online Delivery of Products amid Lockdown

During the lockdown, PayNearby has expanded its hyperlocal purchases app PayNearby all-around pan India. More than 2 lakh Kirana stores across the country took their stores online. Along with the Kirana stores app hosts a wide range of retail business-like pharmacies, groceries, sweet shops, supermarkets, etc.

Garsha Sai Nitesh

During the lockdown, PayNearby has expanded its hyperlocal purchases app PayNearby all-around pan India. More than 2 lakh Kirana stores across the country took their stores online. Along with the Kirana stores app hosts a wide range of retail business-like pharmacies, groceries, sweet shops, supermarkets, etc. 

The App offers its customers to identify Kirana stores near to their house and order essential items from the wide range of products available. Besides taking orders for daily essentials, the app allows its customers to pre-order and pre-schedule along with online payment options. 

Launched in April 2016 Anand Kumar Bajaj, Subhash Kumar, Yashwant Lodha & Rajesh Jha, PayNearby is a digital fintech company offering financial and non- financial services to locals. 

Anand Kumar Bajaj, MD & CEO, PayNearby said, “The Kirana store has been a crucial part of the Indian economy as well as the social fabric. It enjoys a certain level of trust and familiarity that cannot be replicated by the other retail formats. Even through the pandemic lockdown, the humble kiranas in the neighbourhood have stood tall offering seamless access to daily essentials.  

He further said, “PayNearby aims to transform and empower these local stores, by marrying digital technology with last-mile connectivity. With the initiative, we also aim to diligently drive our honourable PM’s vision of ‘Aatma-Nirbharta’ and his call for ‘local’ by supporting local businesses and helping them evolve into retail powerhouses.” 

At first, the app launched its pilot program in Mumbai and Chennai cities. Now app touched 2 lakh+ retail stores connections and further plans to increase its presence swiftly. The ordering facility is available 24x7 on the app. 

The App enables customers to confirm specifications and modifications and provide both cash and digital payment option. Retailers who then receive orders on their app can place the specific orders to their distributors which create a supply chain. 

PayNearby also has plans to enter international markets like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other South Asian markets to grow their business. 

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