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Bigger, Bolder, Better? FSSAI's Guidelines to Empower Consumers

For health-conscious consumers searching through the aisles of packaged food, deciphering nutritional information can be tasking. To empower informed choices, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is revamping food labels and guiding consumers on protein supplement intake.

Sarbani Bhattacharjee
FSSAI Aims at Educating The Health Conscious Public                                                                                 Source: Freepik
FSSAI Aims at Educating The Health Conscious Public Source: Freepik

This move follows the 44th FSSAI meeting, where the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry comprehensively highlighted the importance of clear nutritional labeling. Consumers have grown more aware of their dietary consumption. FSSAI truly strives to make an impact on a healthy conscious country. 

However, bigger fonts are not the only change brewing. The FSSAI is also tightening its grip on misleading claims in the protein supplement industry. A recent study revealed a concerning trend of unregulated protein powders and shakes flooding the market, often boasting unsubstantiated health benefits and inaccurate nutritional information.

These supplements can pose a health risk, especially with unsupervised consumption. FSSAI's upcoming stricter regulations aim to ensure protein supplements only reach consumers through legitimate channels and with clear, verifiable information. This will help individuals seeking to supplement their diet make safe and responsible choices.

With a shift towards a more fitness-centric population, FSSAI moves steadfastly at understanding the demands and acting accordingly. Its new guidelines ensure an educated crowd who is aware of their intakes. 

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