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Goa Introduces Bill to Restrict Non-Agriculturist Land Ownership & Promote Cooperative Farming

The Goa Assembly has introduced a new bill that restricts the transfer of agricultural land to non-agriculturists. The Goa Restriction on Transfer of Agricultural Land Bill, 2023 aims to promote cooperative farming societies, industries, and non-agriculturalists who are interested in pursuing farming.

Shivangi Rai
Agricultural land cannot be sold to non-agriculturists unless the collector grants permission
Agricultural land cannot be sold to non-agriculturists unless the collector grants permission

According to the bill, agricultural land cannot be transferred by sale, gift, exchange, lease, or any other mode of transfer to a person other than an agriculturist, without the collector's permission. 

The collector may grant permission in exceptional circumstances such as when a commercial or industrial undertaking requires land for agricultural purposes.

Cooperative farming societies can acquire the land for farming purposes. Non-agriculturists who are capable of cultivating the land personally may also be considered for transfer of land with the collector's permission. If the person acquires the land for agricultural purposes, they must sustain farming activities.

If the farming activity is discontinued or abandoned, the land shall revert to the government after three years.

The bill also prohibits the use of agricultural land for any purpose other than agriculture without following due legal processes.

Any transfer of agricultural land in contravention of the provisions shall be considered void or null in the eyes of the law. In case of any dispute about whether the land is agricultural or not, the mamlatdar shall settle the matter after holding an inquiry.

Certain cases such as mortgaging agricultural land to upgrade it, transfer of agricultural land by the operation of law, inheritance, or to the government for any government project will be exempted from the provisions of the bill.

The bill's objective is to protect agricultural land and ensure that it is used for agricultural purposes only, benefiting the farming community.

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