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Govt. Giving Away Farmers' Land to Industrialists: Rakesh Tikait

Rakesh Tikait alleged that farmers are being compelled to sell their land to major corporations, and the government is not paying fair price for crops.

Ayushi Sikarwar
Rakesh Tikait (File Image)

In his address at the Bharatiya Kisan Union camp in the Magh Mela area of Prayagraj late on Sunday, BKU leader Rakesh Tikait alleged that the Uttar Pradesh government is giving away the farmlands to the industrialists while the large corporations want the farmers to work in their own fields as mere labourers.

Speaking to media representatives, he stated that the present state government is not acting in the farmers' best interests.

We wouldn't have had to start a campaign to defend farmers' interests if the government had taken action for them. Farmland is essential to farmers and their families' survival, yet the government is taking it away from them, the latter said while attacking the Yogi Adityanath-led government.

Tikait added that farmers are being compelled to sell their land to major corporations and industrialists while accusing the government of not paying the fair price for crops.

In reality, the condition of farmers is getting worse because they are not receiving the proper price for their crops, and their administration is not concerned about them either, he added.

Tikait further stated that topics pertaining to farmers would be covered at the farmers' conference, which has already begun in the BKU's Magh Mela camp. Additionally, a plan would be developed to oppose the government's anti-farmer actions in the days to come.

The destruction of crops by stray animals worries farmers. Despite being constantly told of this situation, the government has done nothing to address it, Tikait noted.

When questioned about his most recent encounter with Congressman Rahul Gandhi, Tikait responded, to resolve the issues facing farmers in states dominated by Congress, discussions have been held with them. He has promised to take action to adopt MSP by including it in the platform of his party and bringing up related topics in the proper places within his party. He is anticipated to interact with farmer organizations prior to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Tikait on Monday left for Buxar, where farmers have been protesting for nearly three months about receiving 'appropriate compensation' for land that was purchased for the power plant. On Tuesday, he will return to Magh Mela.

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