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Mirzapur Paddy in Jeopardy Due to Shortage of Power Supply, Here's What Farmers Say

Due to the lack of power supply, paddy fields in Uttar Pradesh's Mirzapur are getting spoiled. Farmers shared their concerns of the shortage of water supply.

Aysha Anam

Paddy crop in Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh has been facing water crises due to the electricity department’s failure. Although the production of paddy is huge in this region, the output this year is meager due to the lack of rain.

August is the month of paddy seedlings; however, it is nowhere close to that. Dozens of villages are facing this problem. This is a serious concern over the pockets of farmers.

The paddy fields and the foreheads of the farmers in the state are covered with deep dark lines, of course, due to the lack of water. Farmers are weary of droughts occurring at any time soon. The arbitrariness of the power department officials has further increased the problems of the farmers.

One of the farmers, Abhay Shankar, said that due to the lack of rain, water, and electricity, the situation in Mirzapur is very bad. “The Junior Engineer comes to fix the system but fails,” he added. The main problem according to him is fluctuation in the voltage.

Early in July, the power Bhawanipur feeder caught fire. It was not repaired. Power distribution in Mirzapur is flawed. One of the feeders in Parsia village gathered dust and stopped functioning and the other is not sufficient to provide power supply to all the villages of Bhawanipur

A feeder installed at the Parsia sub-station has been dysfunctional for more than a year, for that we also wrote to the SDO three times.

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