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Now Update Your Aadhar Card Without Documents, Check Details Inside

The process of Aadhaar card updating used to be a hassle, but UIDAI has streamlined it considerably over the years. Aadhaar Card updation just became even easier. Find out how you can update your Aadhar without any proof.

Shruti Kandwal
Individuals can now update details on Aadhar card without documents.
Individuals can now update details on Aadhar card without documents.

UIDAI, the government organization in charge of issuing Aadhar Cards, announced in a tweet today that anyone can now change their information even if they don't have the required documentation. These people must now update their information using the "Head of Family Based Aadhaar Update Option" at the nearest Aadhar location.

How to update details in Aadhar without proof?

Previously, individuals had to provide the necessary supporting documentation as proof in order to make any changes to the Aadhar card's recorded data, such as changing their postal address or last name.

For example, if someone desired to move their residence, they had to provide proof of the change in the form of electric bills for that location that were issued in their name, a letter from the municipal councilor in their community, or other relevant documents. This lengthy process made it difficult for many people to gather the necessary proof-related paperwork.

This guideline has been modified by UIDAI, and now it is prohibited for anyone to provide such papers. The other family members can decide to make the changes using their Aadhar cards if the head of the family has provided the necessary information and accompanying documentation.

For all Indian citizens, the Aadhar card is the most important form of identity. Additionally, UIDAI has provided several guidelines for all cardholders over the years in order to prevent any future problems. It is recommended that individuals abide by these guidelines to prevent any inconvenience.

The Aadhar card's information should always be updated, according to the Indian government. The government has made it mandatory for people to link their voter ID cards and Aadhar cards. Many people noted that the plan to link Aadhar to voter cards may result in a data leak, which caused controversy. The government did specify that the Election Commission must strictly adhere to the UIDAI's rules and not keep Aadhaar numbers in its database.

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