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Prof. Ramesh Chand Praised Promising Outcomes of Natural Farming During Himachal Pradesh Visit

Prof. Ramesh Chand highlights the success and scientific validation of natural farming during his visit to Himachal Pradesh.

KJ Staff
Prof. Ramesh Chand, a distinguished member of NITI Aayog during Himachal Pradesh visit
Prof. Ramesh Chand, a distinguished member of NITI Aayog during Himachal Pradesh visit

Prof. Ramesh Chand, a distinguished member of NITI Aayog and Chairman of the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, has lauded the increasing success of natural farming. During his ongoing visit to Himachal Pradesh, Prof. Chand is actively engaging with scientists and farmers to explore and encourage the scientific validation of natural farming practices.

On June 23, 2024, Prof. Chand toured Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry in Nauni. There, he was warmly received by the university’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rajeshwar Singh Chandel. Prof. Chandel presented an extensive overview of the university’s initiatives to improve natural farming across the state. Highlighting the necessity for robust scientific backing, Prof. Chand urged the continuous generation of scientific data to underpin the efficacy and sustainability of natural farming. Discussions also delved into the certification and marketing strategies for naturally produced goods.

The following day, Prof. Chand visited the fields of two pioneering natural farmers, Shailender Sharma of Jaunaji and Mandeep Verma of Shilli near Solan. Both farmers have dedicated several years to natural farming and shared compelling insights into their practices. Shailender Sharma demonstrated the significant impact of natural farming on exotic vegetables and apples, while Mandeep Verma elaborated on its benefits for kiwi, high-density apple cultivation, and nursery production of temperate fruits.

Their testimonials highlighted the dual advantages of environmental sustainability and health benefits associated with natural farming methods. Prof. Chand commended the farmers for their exceptional contributions and leadership in advancing this agricultural methodology.

An interactive session is scheduled for Tuesday at the University Regional Horticulture Research and Training Station in Mashobra. This session will serve as a platform for farmers practicing natural farming to share their experiences and insights. Additionally, Prof. Chand will visit a model natural farming project for apples at the station, further underscoring his commitment to promoting scientific validation and wider adoption of natural farming practices.

Farmer showing his natural farming inputs
Farmer showing his natural farming inputs

Prof. Chand's visit underscores a significant step towards integrating scientific research with traditional farming practices, aiming to enhance agricultural sustainability and productivity. His interactions with the farming community in Himachal Pradesh reflect a broader vision of fostering innovative agricultural practices that promise long-term benefits for farmers and the environment alike.

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