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SBI: Easy Guide to Update Your Registered Mobile Number Through Internet Banking, ATM!

If you have a working debit card and login information for Internet banking, you can update your cellphone number without visiting an SBI branch by following some easy steps mentioned in this article.

Shruti Kandwal
Here's how you can change your registered mobile number through Internet Banking, ATM.
Here's how you can change your registered mobile number through Internet Banking, ATM.

A mobile phone number must be registered with the State Bank of India (SBI) savings bank account in order to access the Internet Banking service. To keep track of all transactions, SBI customers must link their cell phone numbers to their savings bank accounts. Also, they will be notified immediately if an unauthorised transaction takes place in the bank account.

How to update your mobile number from Internet Banking:

  • Go to the official website of SBI: onlinesbi.com

  • Under the "My Accounts" section of the page's left side, click "Profile-Personal Details-Change mobile No." to update your mobile number.

  • On the following screen, choose the Account number, type the mobile number, and then click Submit.

  • The last two (non-editable) digits of the registered mobile number will be shown.

  • You will be notified of the mapping status using the registered cell phone number you provided.

How to update mobile number from ATM:

  • Visit the closest SBI ATM

  • From the available options, select Register.

  • Put your ATM pin in.

  • From the menu options that are shown on the screen, select Mobile Number Registration.

  • From the menu options on the screen, choose Change Mobile Number.

  • Your previous mobile number must be entered and verified.

  • You will then be asked to enter and confirm your new mobile number.

  • The OTPs sent to the new and old mobile numbers will be different.

  • You will receive an update to your mobile number after entering the OTP.

Instead of going to the SBI branch, you can just follow the abovementioned easy steps to update your mobile number by using your current debit card and Internet banking credentials.

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