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SKUAST to Launch Kashmir-Specific ‘KashMin’ Animal Feed Supplement

Livestock farmers in the Kashmir valley finally have some good news to look forward to as the region is going to have its research-based ‘animal feed supplement’ and Region-Specific Mineral Mixture for Livestock customized to meet the very niche mineral requirements of the region.

Eashani Chettri
‘KashMin’ has been formulated keeping in mind the unique climatic condition of the region
‘KashMin’ has been formulated keeping in mind the unique climatic condition of the region

This feed has been formulated keeping in mind the unique climatic condition of the region. This will encourage milk and meat production, and improve the profits from animal rearing. 

The formulation based on the studies of the mineral profile of soil, grasses, feed, and fodder over the decade will carry the name ‘KashMin’ and will be launched by the Faculty innovators from the Division of Animal Nutrition.

“Knowledge-based technology driven agri-economy” is the motto that SKUAST stands by and under the support given by their Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nazir Ahmad Ganai, and the mentorship of Head, Division of Animal Nutrition, Professor Abdul Majeed Ganai of SKUAST-Kashmir.

KashMin will tackle the weak production and reproductive performance through its’ supplementation of deficient minerals. It will prevent poor health, production, reproduction, and body condition of animals as it is loaded with minerals in absorbable (chelated) forms.

What is KashMin?

KashMin is a research-based product and faculty startup that was incubated at the Sher-E-Kashmir Institute of Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Center (SKIIE) of SKUAST-Kashmir. It contains precisely the mineral elements lacking in locally grown fodders, grasses, and other feed ingredients in the right proportions to enhance milk, meat production, and animal fertility, which heavily depends on the proper mineral supplementation.

How is KashMin different?

Unlike other pan-India brands, KashMin focuses on the specific demand of the temperate Kashmir region, keeping in mind the mineral profile of the locally grown grasses, feed ingredients, and fodder. Following this, KashMin for sheep and goats will also be launched.

Is KashMin costly?

No, one of the main goals of the team is to ensure quality fodder to the farmer at affordable rates. Moreover, it will be sold directly to the farmer, greatly lowering the cost.

Where can you buy KashMin?

KashMin will be launched in the first week of March at the Kissan Mela being observed by SKWAST-Kashmir. It will then be made available at all district KVKs and veterinary pharmacies.

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