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Yamuna River: Karnal's Crops Concealed Beneath a Deep Blanket of Sand

Farmers are saying can’t remove it without the Mining Department’s permission.

Shivangi Rai
Growers are tense due to the huge quantity of sand that has come along with the floodwaters into their farms.
Growers are tense due to the huge quantity of sand that has come along with the floodwaters into their farms.

Farmers in agricultural land near the Yamuna River are facing significant challenges after the recent floods caused by incessant rainfall, as well as the release of a large amount of water from the Hathnikund barrage and breaches in bundhs at two locations. The floodwaters brought in a massive quantity of sand, covering the fields and destroying crops.

The farmers are now worried about the aftermath of the floods, especially the damage caused by the sand deposition on their land. They claim that they cannot remove the sand without permission from the Mining Department, which adds to their distress, as they fear facing legal consequences. Many farmers are struggling to recover their crops buried under the thick layer of sand, with some believing that their land's fertility might be compromised due to the heavy sand coverage.

One farmer, Manjeet Chaugama, from Chaugama village, shared the story of his losses with media and emphasized the need for government intervention.

Another farmer, Viraj from Garhibirbal, narrated a similar story of his paddy crop being buried under sand, leaving him unable to replant it effectively. The financial burden of this situation, including lease rent, transplantation costs, and seed expenses, has further added to the farmers' woes.

Bahadur Singh Mehla, a farm leader, highlighted the urgency of allowing farmers to remove the sand from their fields without facing any legal repercussions. He also demanded compensation for the losses they incurred during the flooding.

Anish Yadav, the deputy commissioner, acknowledged the issue and assured that he would bring it to the attention of the competent authority to seek relief for the affected farmers.

In summary, the farmers near the Yamuna River are facing a serious crisis as floodwaters recede, leaving their fields covered in sand and their crops destroyed. They urgently need the government's support to remove the sand from their land and receive compensation for their losses.

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