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Sulphur Mills Launches Three Products for Farmers to Help Reduce Crop Loss

Garsha Sai Nitesh
Garsha Sai Nitesh

Sulphur Mills known for its advanced products that yield better results for farmers has launched three new products focusing on BPH and Whitefly to help growers reduce the losses caused due to these insects. The launch of the products happened virtually on Krishi Jagran’s Facebook Live. 

The company said that considering suggestions from our business partners we have brought many new products in the fertilizer and pesticides section. If there was no pandemic going on at present then we would have products the products directly to you. 

“Sulphur Mills is a pioneer in introducing high technology formulations. We introduced many advanced formulas one such as an advanced formulation of Zinc in the name of TECHNO-Z and Zinda. Zinc content in the farm produce went high after using the products. Nowadays people are talking about taking zinc nutrients for immunity boost in humans,” Mr. Veerabhadram CEO of Sulphur Mills Ltd.

The first produced launched was Java Super, with Pymetrozine 50 WG as an active ingredient. The dose suggested per acre is 120 grams with proper water coverage and the label claim is paddy. The product will be sold in 1kg, 500gm, 250gm, and 120gm case sizes. 

After foliar application, Java Super penetrates to a large extend into a rice leaf. Java Super has unparalleled rain fastness, works even if it rains after 2hours of application.  

Java Super kills all the stags of BPH from Nymph to Adult. It will stop the damage immediately with a unique mode of action. The key features of the product are Inhibition of feeding, Paralysis of plant hopper, Prevention of egg-laying adults, Translaminar & systemic, Low toxic to the mammal, fish. 

Product has multiple benefits such as Control resistant hopper, Death from drowning & predation, No sucking- Vigorous Crop, No hopper resurgence, Long protection, Safe to rice ecosystem. Along with some emotional benefits such as Peace of Mind, No loss to crop and Trusted Friend. 

BULTON, a novel spray-dried water dispersible granule (WG) formulation technology of Thiophanate Methyl is the second product. It offers benefits such as smaller particle size(2-4 micron), Uniform dispersion in water, Better surface coverage, Superior and Prolong efficacy, and High rain fastness. 

The product serves as a cost-effective, protective, curative, and eradicative multipurpose fungicide. It delivers superior performance due to its finer, particle size, dispersion, and provides excellent coverage. 

It has water dispersing property and quickly disperse into the water onto mixing in water. It is compatible with most fungicides except strongly alkaline materials such as Bordeaux mixture. BULTON can be used in a quantity of 300g to 400 per acres, 1.5 to 2g/l water. 

PYROFEN PLUS is the third product, best in class solution for whitefly. The product is a juvenile hormone analogue and an insect growth regulator. It prevents larvae from developing into adulthood and thus rendering them unable to produce. 

The product is India’s 1st pro insecticide, also a novel and improved SE formulation. It is a combination of SC and EW technology with multiple active ingredients that can be formulated together. The Ease of Tank mix eliminates incompatibility problems. 

The dose per acre of the product is 35-500 ml, 2 ML/LIT of water. It will come in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1 Lit size. It works best on Cotton, Chilli, Bhindi, Pulses and Vegetable plants 

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