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25% boost in Paddy production with This man’s Capsule

Monika Mondal
Monika Mondal
Photo credits: Usha Ramesh

Cultivating Paddy is a back breaking task, but a man from Tamil Nadu has somehow made it simpler. This person offers the soil few capsules which enhances the productivity by 25%. S. Venkateshwaran engineered a capsule in the town of Trichy, Tamil Nadu which has helped him to bring down the hourly investments at the paddy field, and this method simultaneously shot up the production.

Having invested a good proportion of his time in the tertiary industries he has now diverted his interest to the primary sector. Mr. Venkateshwaran worked as an engineer and then as a manager before turning himself into a paddy farmer. Being a management student, and having done MBA, He cultivates the ideas of minimum investments and maximum outcomes at the paddy fields.

The president of Farmer’s club at NABARD, Mr. Venkateshwaran could not keep away from the farms and eventually surrendered all of his time to agriculture. Like every success story, his determination and idea were also mocked by the traditional practitioners, but his fortitude pushed his idea to take shape of success.  


Photo credits: Usha Ramesh

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His way of making these capsules is very interesting which we have tried to encapsulate in the video below. He takes care of all the facts and problems while making the capsule. The capsules are made up of Gelatin, which is a compound of protein and calcium. Each capsule is filled with two seeds, humic acid, micronutrients and neem nuts. This combination helps to prevent the seed from pests and diseases, which acts as a fine seed treatment for the plant to germinate in a better way.

Talking about the price factor, 1000 capsules can be made at a nominal price of Rs. 150. To cover a land of 1 acre, 60,000 capsules needs to be reaped. 30 kg of seed, contributing to 60k capsules is sufficient to to turn the field green.  The investments which he makes in making this small wonder is also not high.

One thing which is to be taken care of is that the seed capsules should be handled with dry hands, Any exposure to moisture might disturb the contents of the capsule and also make the capsules to stick together. This operation of filling the capsules is taking place besides the paddy farm, where he and his team is working to make the project successful.

Presently all of the operations are manually handled as of now. Venkateshwaran says,” The automatic machines to fill the ingredients into the capsule might cost something near to 20lakhs. We are looking forward for finances or investors who would be willing to invest in our project.”

The bio-degradable capsule decomposes in the soil and provides the seed a hospitable environment to grow.

Photo credits: Usha Ramesh

When it comes to narrating the advantages of cultivation of paddy using capsules, Mr. Venkateshwaran has a long list to put forth: This method saves time as compared to the conventional method where the paddy saplings are transplanted to the field, after incubating a fair share of time in the nurseries. It is well known about paddy’s water guzzling nature, this method saves water and since the crop receives direct sunlight, the growth rate of the crop is higher than other methods.

His toil is well recognized by premier institutes of the country.  He received an award for his innovation from ICAR (Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi)... In February 2018 – he was revered with Innovative farmer award from Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore. In March 2018 he received  Innovative farmer award from ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. In April 2018 he was conferred with  Innovative farmer award from Agricultural Technology  Application research Institute (ATARI)Zone X, Hyderabad. Sri Ramakrishna College Of Engineering, Perambalur awarded him with Innovative farmer award from mission 2020 program of a Ph.D. mentor in Sastra University, Thanjavur.

Mr. Venkateshwaran can be contacted at Mobile no:9994443695.

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