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DONATED his 6 acres, for welfare of his VILLAGE FARMERS

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

A person who comes from a challenged dark rural background, often tries to find the solution in the bright lights of cities and this has made migration, the most common activity of this age. Huge number of people are migrating from rural to urban areas in search of better lifestyle, better earning opportunities and a better future for their children and better health services for elders. But some people never forget where they came from, they never forget of their latent responsibilities and always look back to serve their soil where they grew up, serve the air where they breathe and serve the love they received from the land.

One Such person is Vinay Chaudhary who currently holds the position of Assistant General Manager at Air Traffic Control, New Delhi, but his love and respect towards his village has motivated and pushed him to work for his own people. When people are busy investing in mutual funds and properties and they look for high returns, this man is investing in his village, so that the farmers can have a better future. Farmers are still skeptical of his ideas but he is determined that mushroom will give the farmers a better income and hence a better life.

Krishi Jagran took  the opportunity to listen to the mind and prospects of this noble soul in the outskirts of Uttar Pradesh, Gautam Buddha Nagar district in village Jewar.

Vinay Chaudhary has donated his 6 acres of land for a project that could benefit the small and marginal farmers who each day struggle to find their identity and respect amongst the billion of population. Mushroom, Spirulina and Fish farming are some of the experiments which are undergoing on the land. An agricultural research institute is planned to be set up in this area and prospects to increase the income of the farmers of the village. These practices are focused to be organic and the oyster mushrooms are given the base of paddy husk which also saves the polluting material from being burnt.

Vinay Chaudhary tells that the land bank of the farmers has been decreasing and on the contrary the expenses are increasing which is creating a divide in the balanced lifestyle. More than 90% of the farmers in the region are currently growing wheat and paddy which needs to be larger than 30-40 bighas to draw them profitable outcomes. They suffer financially when it comes to educating the children.

It gives immense pleasure to see Vinay Chaudhary’s enthusiasm and bundle of affirmative energy with which he talks about the potential success of his deeds and efforts for the population of the village.

Long term goals

In his big dreams and prospects, he has not yet asked for any governmental support and wishes that the farmers adopt his experiments once they start to show profits. Farmers in the village are still skeptical of adopting the new routes to farming and would need to be shown that these modern and advanced farming practices would get them better returns. He mentions that if the plan succeeds, per acre of land can give the farmers benefit equivalent to 6-7 acres, which can easily provide the farmers Rs. 30,000-40,000 per month with mushroom farming, fisheries and animal husbandry.

What inspired him ?

Vinay Chaudhary narrated the story of his friend in Nagpur, who started a non –commercial farm to serve and train the farmers in need. Getting amazing outputs and responses from the beneficiaries, ignited a will in the heart of Vinay, to do something like  this for his own village, which pushed him to start a research and experimentation for  agriculture.

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