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Farmer can excel through organic farming

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Some changes are noticed in the field of organic agriculture. Being a trade of deficit, still some successful farmers are keep experimenting with the soil to turn it in gold and reaching to the new heights in spite of lacking resources. Among some of these successful farmers one is Dilip Singh residing in district Rohtas, Sasaram Block. He has proved that hard work may lead you to the success and makes you financially strong as well. He earns Rs. 5 lacs annually from farming only. He has won many national and international awards also. 35 years old, Dilip has owning the fields near by district headquarter of Sasaram. Fields are spreaded in Mishripur, Shumbha, Ahraanv, Neema, Targanj, Bhadoria, Dhuaan villages. He believes in "Early to bed and Early to Rise".

Selected crops for cultivation

  Vegetables and Crops In Acre and Quintal
1. Tomato 15 acre
2. Brinjal 5 acre
3.  Chilli 6 acre
4. Onion 10 acre
5. Lentil (Masoor) 2 acre or 20 quintal/ acre
6.  Mustard 3 acre
7. Paddy 30 acre or 55-60 quintal
8. Wheat 10 acre or 18-20 quintal/ acre
9. Broccoli  
10. Capsicum  

Mainly he cultivating tomato, Brinjal, chilli, onion, lentil, mustard, paddy, wheat, broccoli, capsicum etc. He is cultivating wheat and paddy in a traditional way. Paddy normally germinates 40-90 grains per plant. Dilip Singh said that he is getting fruits for 8-10 months by cultivating 1 acre of brinjal, which profits upto 1.15 lacs. He prepares seed of brinjal by own self. He shares the information, for preparing 100gms seed of brinjal it requires 10 brinjals.

Ladyfinger blossoms whole year
Once planting a Ladyfinger, it gives fruits whole year. Its plant bears fruits when it turns into 4 leaves plant. For cultivating 1 acre Lady finger Rs. 10-15 thousand investment is needed which gives the profit of Rs. 1.25 lacs. The specialty of the seed is it bears fruits in 60 days. Growing plant bears 5-6 fruits at a time. He sells the seeds to the farmers living in nearby villages @ 500 Rs. per kg. Hybrid ladyfinger yields from other states sell out at Rs. 10 whereas ladyfinger of his field costs Rs. 15 per kg.

One and only Chilli
Green chillis cultivated by Mr. Dilip Singh look very attractive. He earns 1 lakh per acre annually. Whereas, in tomato he prepares seeds by own self. He has made GULSHAN by crossing to be benefited from tomato, as they are very high in yield. He is using these seeds from 15 years. It bears 1-3kg tomatoes on a plant.

Easy storage of onion
To planting onion, he uses good variety of seeds. The onion he produces is tasty, looks attractive and durable for storage also. His accomplishment is he uses 1.5 kg seeds for planting onion in 1 acre field it yields 200 quintal. He gets 10 flowers of Broccoli from a plant. The production of Capsicum in his field is high in comparison to other farmers. He is cultivating Capsicum in 1 bigha which bears fruits till march.

Training and Scientific Assistance

He participated in Innovative Technical Training Program for Vegetable production 2005 in Indian Vegetable Research Institute, Varanasi sponsored by Nasik.

Sell produce on our terms
Dilip Singh told that the onion he is sowing mainly sold out in Kolkata and to buy Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli and Ladyfinger traders from Jharkhand, Varanasi, Ghaziabad and Haryana comes. We sell our produce on our terms. However, 80 percent of farming is organic so we sell our produce on high rates on priority basis. Production on huge level decreases the cost of production and it becomes easy to sell produce in Mandis. He is doing 90 percent of farming on tariff land. He also said Profit and loss gambles on good harvesting. More than 50 labours including male and female both are working in his field. He grows rice after vegetable and preparing the field with the help of rotten leaves of vegetables plants and Stalk. Rice field built in 15 days. After 95 days crop is ready to harvest. Production of rice is estimated 50 quintals per acre. He also said that he sprays organic fertilizers during sowing and before harvesting he uses Neem oil as pesticide as it increases the absorption potential of plants and increases production also.

Awards he got till now are :

S.No. Awards Year
 1. Jagjeevan Abhinav Kisan Kisan Award   2012  
 2.  Regional Kisan Award byNABARD    2011  
 3.      i) Got Award for International Food Processing ii) Got Certificate in Vegetables organic farming and certification in Patna    2010      
 4.    Got Silver Medal for being a knowledgeable farmer from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi's scientists collaborate and Indian Vegetable Research, Varanasi    2008        
 5. Got award for Best Grower of Vegetables from Indian Vegetable Research Institute, Varanasi     2005

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