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Farmer Earning Lakhs of Profit, With Goat based Agri-business

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

With Germ-plasm Resource Improvement and Conservation Center (Barbari/Jamunapari Jakhrana/Sirohi breeds of Goat), we present you Mr. Vivaik from UP, who has made his name in the Goat based Agri-business model.

From the Supply of pure-breed Barbari Jamunapari, Jakhrana, Sirohi goats to up-coming commercial and traditional goat farm and Production of surplus males for slaughter especially for EID he has been earning and sustaining his lakhs of investment and profits ever since the start up of the company from December, 2014.

Located at Shamsabad (Rajakhera) Dholpur Road, Dholpur (Rajasthan), his farm has drawn eyeballs from the country’s aspiring entrepreneurs.

Mr.Vivaik S/o Shri Charan Singh, B.A, Resident of Agra (UP) who was doing parental business of Truck Transport showed keen interest in commercial goat farming. As per advice from Central Institute for Research on Goats (CIRG) Institute he obtained 10 days National Training Programme on Scientific Goat Farming in September, 2014 which is currently being conducted 6 times per year by Central Institute for Research on Goats. He initiated his goat farm with the objective to supply pure breed and pedigreed good quality from Barbari goats based on recorded performance to newly coming up commercial goat farmers and entrepreneurs.

He made a model goat farm in 3 acres of land on scientific line by spending about 29 lacks on construction of shades (different shades according to age, sex, and production stages), bhoosa store, grain storage, dipping tank, manure tank, area for fodder cultivation etc. Later on he expanded his farm by keeping goats of other breeds.

Currently he has 422 goats of different breeds :

Barbari - 202

Jamunapari - 62

Jakhrana - 39

Sirohi - 49

He is also keeping many goats classified under category of strains/under process of registration or lesser known breeds such as Sojat, Maiwati, Nagfani, Totapari etc.

All goats are vaccinated for PPR, FMD, ET and HS.

Profits he made :

 He is selling 25-300 goats/year to different category of goat stake holders. The sale price of one year aged female Barbari, Jamunapari, Jakhrana, Sirohi, Sojat, Nagfanni, Totapari is ranged from Rs 6500 to 10500, breeding buck Rs 8000 to Rs 20000 and castrated male at 18 months from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000. An economic value of these goats is about 32 lacs.

He earns net profit of Rs. 1 to 1.2 lacs/year by selling of these goats. Recently he has integrated goat with cow and organic vegetable farming. He is rearing goats by adopting improved management practices and innovative technologies. He is also marinating all necessary records/data therefore he is graded as excellent goat farm (7.5/10 marks)

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