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Farmer from Solapur Gets Patent Certificate For Nmk-1 Golden Variety of Custard Apple

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

A research-oriented farmer, Dr. Navnath Malhari Kaspate from Gormale village in Barshi tehsil of Solapur district, got patent certificate for his NMK-1 Golden variety of custard apple on 22 November 2019 under the Crops variety protection & Farmers’ Rights Act of 2001.

A patent is an official right to be the only person allowed to make or sell a new product for a certain period of time. Now without his consent and permission, no person or farmer can keep nursery of the variety of custard apple or sell saplings or sell or export the custard apples.

The properties of NMK 1 Golden custard apples are fruit is power enhancing, sperm enhancing, cool, sweet and tasty, blood and memory enhancing, digestive and medicinal. Kaspate has till this date received more than 18 awards.

Developed five other hybrid varieties of the fruit—Anona-2, NMK-01 (Golden), NMK-02, NMK-03 and Finger Prints—but considers NMK-01 (Golden) to be his illustrious one; it has fewer seeds, abundant pulp and rarely cracks when ripe. The fruit which promises a long shelf life, and has fewer seeds which don’t stick together. Once  cut open the fruit and find that it has thick, cream-white pulp, which is somewhat granular are the  traits one  can find in the NMK-01 variety.

The fruit has other varieties, namely Red Sitaphal, Balanagari, Washington and Purandhar, but it is the NMK-01 (Golden) whose acreage is increasing each year due to its acceptance from buyers and the remunerative results achieved by growers.

Being a dry land crop, the first two years are very crucial to its growth; it needs minimal irrigation and can be solely drip-fed. Because of this, there are fewer pest attacks.

The benefits of growing NMK-1 Golden variety of custard apples, Kaspate elaborated, that  340 saplings of NMK-1 Golden custard apples planted in one acre can bring Rs. 2 to 5 lakh after two years for which barely 50 to 80 thousands rupees are necessary.” I have planted saplings of the custard apples on 35 acres which bring me more than one crore rupees every year. I also sell custard apple saplings from my Madhuban Farm and Nursery. There are 7 managers and more than 60 labourers working on my big plant of custard apples at Gormale village.”

Developed ”Madhuban Farm and Nursery” on his field. He has nearly 45 acres of land. He has given lectures and speeches in various agriculture colleges and universities in the state and outside. He is also a recipient of many state and national level awards for his research and excellent production of quality custard apples.

Developing a new variety is generally undertaken either by universities or institutions like the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research. But in case of Dr N M Kaspate,  educated upto 11 th class but his experience and  the passion of a grower and the perseverance of a plant breeder. fetched him the Doctorate Degree as well as name and fame. Dr Kaspate is the only farmer who was able to got registered his variety of Golden Custard Apple and obtained the Patent.

Dr. Kaspate completed his education till 11 class. Grapes and Custard Apple grower for last many years. Believes in growing custard apples is cheaper than growing grapes. Decided to do research on custard apples. Through his research, he has now developed more than 40 varieties of custard apples in his field. Awarded an honorary degree of Ph.D. by the Bengaluru University at a function at Chennai in 2018.

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