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Farmers have to be well educated in farming: Nainesh Patel

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Nainesh Patel, 41 years of age live in Pancham Amrit Village, Gujarat. His main occupation is farming. From the early childhood, at the age of 17 he is indulged in farming only but he never compromises with his education  also. He had done his graduation from Gujarat University. He owns 5 bigha land from his ancestors on which he is doing combined farming with his relatives. Mainly he grows Tobacco in his field. His family indulges in farming from 30 years.

Mr. Patel shares his experiences with Krishi Jagran Team that due to his grandfather and father are having excellent knowledge of farming so he did not face any problem in understanding the basics of farming. Time to time he takes care of his field. He advices that during cultivation of tobacco some measures have to be taken like to cover your face with cloth and wearing gloves while plucking the tobacco leaves. He believes in alternate farming so maintain soil nutrients that is why he is also cultivating Bajra in his field. He suggested that there should be sprinkling of pesticides time to time. Mr. Patel thinks that there is huge earning with less investment in planting tobacco. He mainly uses private sector's seeds because in his area seeds from government sector are not available as they are costly in comparison to others. He mainly uses Mahindra's tractor because of its features.

He wants to give message to the youngsters through Krishi Jagran Media Group  that each youngster should have the basic knowledge of Agriculture. He also convey his message to the Government that the farmers should be provided good quality seeds for better yielding. He also wants to say that due to untimely rains and hailstorms crops are totally damaged so the Government should provide good amount of subsidy. And also, Government should take initiative to create better employment opportunities for the farmers and provide basic amenities.

Mr. Patel wants to say to the fellow farmers that agriculture is one of the most important sector among the other sectors. To gain good yield farmers have to be well educated in farming. He praises the efforts of Krishi Jagran Magazine which publishes the important topics of agriculture and it is the most easiest and available platform for the farmers to convey their message to the Government.

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