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From being landless farmer, to earning 2 Lakh/annum

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Rose is the king of flowers. Earlier it was famous for beauty and was being used as the medium of conveying the eternal love and appreciation of beauty. Rose has a unique place in almost all civilizations the world has witnessed so far. It symbolizes venues, the symbol of love and peace. Rose is the most ancient and popular grown flower all over the world. Hence global popularity of rose puts forth a potential entrepreneurial opportunity in a sustainable manner.

West Bengal is dominated by small and marginal farmers, where more than 95% farmers belongs to small and marginal category. It is planned to discuss about landless farmer whose name is Shri Sukumar Samanta. He belongs to village Joyram Chak, post Joy Balarampur, thana Tam luck district East Midnapore, which is now famous for flower cultivation. Income from rose cultivation suffices the needs of the joint family of two brothers. He makes a business of about 2 lakhs per annum.

There are lots of cultivation techniques, but we will discuss here the modes adopted by Sukumar Samanta which is behind his successful rose cultivation.

Cultivation process

The farmer bought a new land, and this land was low lying. As a solution for this low lying land he had to put extra efforts by putting lots of soil on top of it.

Variety used :

There are various varieties of roses available and suitable for Indian climate. Magot which gives flower year round, provides employment and income throughout the year was selected.
Planting was then followed with proper spacing in November. IIT Kharagpur helped the farmer with the sprinkler irrigation system which was given to him free of cost and which helped the farmer to manage the crops in an efficient manner.


Harvesting started from January end. On average 2000 flower are harvested daily.


He is normally selling roses in the local kola-ghat market. During festival time the price goes up to 350 to 1000 but in normal days the price varies from 10 to 100.


As rose cultivation has provided him a decent living, he plans to increase the area with an addition of another bigha. Adoption of advanced technology definitely gives better returns.

ECONOMICS of Rose Cultivation : 

Land preparation : Rs. 3400
Seedling : Rs. 9000
Manures & Fertiliser : Rs. 12,000
Labour : Rs. 2000
Total cost : Rs.26400
Income (800 flowers/day for 9 months) : Rs. 2,16,000
Net Profit : Rs. 189,600
Net Profit, Rs/ha : Rs. 1,422 million

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