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How Farmers of This State Doubled Their Income through Fish and Paddy Farming

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

The center is vehemently working towards fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of doubling farmer’s income by 2022 and has initiated different ways to accomplish it. Moreover, farmers in Maharashtra have recently come in the limelight for finding a winning combination of not only raising their income but also scaling it up to double. As per reports, the major cultivation in the state is of paddy which was heavily affected by the severe flood in some regions and faced a huge loss. But, there is another side of the story where they turned out this loss into a huge benefit by cultivating fishes in their flooded fields and nearby ponds. And the result turned out as a huge victory for farmers who not only gifted themselves a good income but also raised it to almost double.

According to reports, “It was the local agriculture officer (at that time) who suggested that I should try farming fish in the paddy field,” Dulichand Patle, a farmer from the Bihiriya village of Gondia, told media. Originally a paddy grower, Dulichand Patle has managed to get a profit of Rs 3 lakh in just nine months from Rs 1 lakh investment on fingerlings (12-15 cm long fishes which are released as seeds for rearing). 

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It is to be noted that paddy is the major crop in the six districts of Maharashtra’s Nagpur and crops grown in these districts amount to about 50% of the state’s paddy production. But due to heavy rain, the fields remain flooded for eight to nine months and the same limits the opportunity for growing a second crop. Hence, the government has promoted the cultivation of fishes on paddy fields to augment farm incomes.  Moreover, to attract more farmers to build ponds for paddy cultivation and also raise fishes, the state government provides an upfront monetary benefit of Rs 50,000.  Maharashtra had seen the construction of 1.2 lakh such ponds by the end of last fiscal.

“Farmers make investments chiefly in fingerlings, fish feed, and labor to harvest. However, the returns are tremendous. For an investment of around Rs 1 lakh, net profit of Rs 3 lakh has been reported by the farmers”, says official.

“The best part of the deal is that traders come to our fields to weigh the fish and take it … we don’t even have to spend on transport,” said Dhulichand Patle.

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