Success Story

Humble Coriander Can Help You Fetch High Profits

“I have hit the jackpot,” says Savelram Nana Kute who made returns of 13.5 lakhs in a week’s time from selling the coriander he had grown in his 8 acre farm in Pimpri Pendhar village, as return to his investment worth Rs. 2 lakh. 

Coriander is a garnishing herb widely used in the country. This winter has proved to be profitable for farmers who grow this herb along with their crops. Rajaram Deshmukh, the Vice-Chancellor of the Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth , an  agricultural college , observes that this season’s profits are largely due to the wide gap in supply and demand. Water shortage due to scanty rainfalls in a few villages has led to a poor harvest.  

Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) at Narayangaon and Pune reveal that market rates for coriander are skyrocketing–a bundle which would be previously sold between Rs 5 to 10 is now demanding around Rs 30-50. 

Satish Domble, a farmer from Otur made Rs 1 Lakh in a week. He had cultivated coriander on 20 gunthas (0.4 acres) land. He quotes, “I faced losses with all the other vegetables I’d grown last year. But coriander has saved me. I can now use this capital to grow more vegetables in the coming months.” 

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