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Hydroponics Farming: Mumbai Couple Grows Organic Produce on Commercial Level with 80% Less Water & Earns Huge Profits

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

A Mumbai based couple called as Oshua Lewis and Sakina Rajkotwala has decided to take the leap after going to Auroville in Puducherry in 2017. There they got inspired by Krishna Mc Kenzie, who is a native of England and is “honouring Mother Nature through local food.”

The couple named it as Herbivore Farms, which is Mumbai’s first hyper local, hydroponic farm. The farm grows around 2,500 plants, & sells fresh, organic vegetables to customers across Mumbai.

Mumbai’s First Hydroponic Farm:

The couple told to Mumbai Foodie, “Herbivore Farms is Mumbai’s first hyper local farm located in Andheri East. Super-healthy varieties of leafy green vegetables such as Swiss chard, rocket, kale, and lettuce using hydroponic methods of cultivation are grown here.”

The farm is actually situated at a place which was earlier used as a warehouse in an old industrial estate which is spread over 1,000 sq ft, and houses over 2,500 kinds of plants in a temperature-controlled indoor setting.

As per the couple, the hydroponic method they used to grow their vegetables sets their produce apart. There is no real-time solution to all the questions that they had in hydroponic farming so the trial and error method usually works, they said.

Hydroponic Farm Irrigation Method:

The irrigation system used in hydroponic farm is re-circulating type. It uses 80% lesser water to grow the produce as compared to others. Besides, no pesticides are used here in order to keep the environment sterile & completely safe. The water in which the plants are grown contains macro and micro-nutrients that facilitates in the plant growth.

Profitable Hydroponic Farming:

The couple said that growing the plants in a vertical format has helped them to grow 5 times more than the normal produce that their farm would have otherwise done.

The other interesting point is that the couple makes sure that they can deliver their products through home delivery, by maintaining freshness, nutrition, and flavour. They also reported that the fresh organic produce is always in high demand among customers rather than the higher cost of boxes.

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