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Indra Zalke’s overview and suggestion about Agriculture

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Krishi Jagran Media Group: Indra Zalke 52 years old and based in Nagpur, has studied Master of Commerce with diploma in business management from Nagpur and owns land at Chindwara district (Madhya Pradesh). He does farming along with his father and has very good knowledge about modern technology and markets. Mainly, he grows Soybean, Cotton, Wheat, Oranges, and Pulses.

Mr. Indra Zalke shares his experiences and suggestions to other farmers through Krishi Jagran Media Group. Regarding cultivation practices he suggests that usually, farmers cultivate only those crops which gave good returns last year. However, growers should prefer farming different crops if they have fertile land. Farmers should install drip irrigation facility, and make small dams in their field for good producing of crop as well as save water. In addition they should be use good sprinklers and spray. Primarily, farmers’ should focus only on their yield, because market prices are not in their hand.

The government should educate farmers and teach basic fundamental about agriculture to labors and farmers, through concerned department, so that they can cultivate in modern and productive way. Government should provide the best seed, after a deep research, and provide modern technologies or short workshop randomly.

Highlighting his experience, Mr. Zalke said that few years back his land was damaged by natural disaster at Chindwara district in Madhya Pradesh. After that, the government conducted a survey to know the extent of damage of farmers land. Mr. Zalke was informed later that the Government would make sure that 99, 000 (Ninety nine thousand rupees) was deposited in his father’s bank account. We want such actions to be taken for our farmers, India after hearing his experience.

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