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Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

Anurag Bhatia the Founder, CEO, and Head of Investments at Minance. Born in Kolkata, Anurag is a BBM graduate from Manipal University and has conducted extensive postgraduate research in Financial Mathematics at the London School of Economics. After working as a Hedge Fund Analyst at Jet Age Securities and as a Risk Analyst at Amazon, he started Minance with one fundamental objective - to provide innovative investment channels and high-level investment strategies to the everyday investor. 

Anurag had all the makings of an entrepreneur when he was 13 years old and he started making money by selling WWE posters and roses on Valentines’ Day to his schoolmates. An investment and trading maverick, Anurag has made his first investment at the age of 14 by borrowing money from his mother. At age 17, he was the youngest employee at Motilal Oswal, Calcutta. He found his calling to start Minance, an investment management firm for individuals while working as a Currency Risk Analyst at Amazon where he had earned the reputation of being the “stock market expert” in the office. 

With a life-long passion for the financial markets, Anurag has been featured in several investment-related publications and is a well-known thought leader on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Quora, where he has a dedicated following of 30K. 

Minance Company Profile  

Minance is the only fintech startup that provides investment management services to the underserved market of individuals and SMBs. Founded in 2014 by Anurag Bhatia, an investment and trading maverick, Minance was conceived to make professional investment services available to everyone. In a sector that offers wealth management services for assets that run into crores of rupees, the Bengaluru-based startup has created a niche market for itself by partnering with individuals for small-scale investments.  

The startup's profit-based business model is customer-centric wherein it generates revenue by charging 10% of the partners' profit as the fee with no lock-in period. The startup provides end-to-end asset management for low investment bracket partners (starting 5 lakhs and upwards) across a range of asset classes including equities, derivates, mutual funds, and unlisted stocks. Each partner of Minance has a designated investment advisor who provides personalized services by proactively seeking, evaluating and suggesting investment opportunities across different risk levels. The startup maintains transparency by providing partners the access to a dashboard where they can track their portfolio performance.  

Minance aims to be a comprehensive financial services company and to that end offers taxation services and is expanding into insurance and credit. The firm has 35 employees and currently caters to nearly 3000 partners and manages an AUM of over 400 crores.   


Minance’s primary objective is to manage the investments of its partners. The process begins with a risk profiling test to gauge the risk appetite of the investor. Partners then talk to our investment managers who try to understand their goals, needs, and requirements. Based on this, the startup offers several investment options – 

Arbor – Arbor is Minance’s core F&O product which uses market neutral derivative strategies and momentum trades to generate periodic income.

Bloom – A long-term equities product, Bloom is designed for a 3-5-year investment horizon. The portfolio is actively managed and a portion of the funds are used to take advantage of technical breakouts and momentum trades.  

Mutual funds – Minance helps partners invest in the right mutual fund by first understanding their goals and financial needs and then leveraging the Efficient Frontier Theory to maximize gains for a given level of risk.

Assets Pay Cash – An ingenious product which collateralizes your mutual funds and uses the money to place very safe derivative options. This allows an investor to make around 12% on top of their mutual fund returns annually, with no additional investment. 

Global Equities – We allow partners to invest in foreign stocks; primarily in the US and Europe but also other emerging markets. FAANG is obviously popular. 

Private Assets – We offer partners the chance to invest in fast-growing, private firms. Think Ola, PayTM, Kurlon, Studd helmets, and FinoPayTech.  

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