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KVK Sivaganga that Leads the Way

Ajith Kumar V R
Ajith Kumar V R

Sivaganga (Kundrakudi) ICAR- Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) is about 10 kilometer from Karaikudi of Sivaganga district. It is one of the best KVKs of Tamil Nadu that comes under Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Science University. It provides training to hundreds of farmers every month and gives technical support to farmers irrespective of their district or state. The total area of KVK is 17 acres and the training facility and incubation centers are spread across the compound. KVK mentored many, but I like to introduce a few very successful farmers here. 

Natchiyappan, a retired bank employee is one among them. He took advice from KVK and started pure organic farm having mango, lemon, banana, sapota, amla etc. He prepares organic amla juice as a value-added product. It is in big demand and cost Rs.200 per bottle. 


Another successful farmer is Murukesan of Karumkulam near the famous Kaliyarkovil. He is having a farm of 300 acres, mainly of Alphonso mango. Normally, alphonsa needs a lower temperature of 20 degree celcius at night and hence, not viable for Sivaganga area. But, he tried and succeeded. He made a pond of one acre and established a rain water harvesting plant. He is having another 100 acre land that was developed under social forestry scheme by planting red sandal, mahogany etc. Rs.10 lakh was given by social forestry department. The mini forest made a change in its micro climate. Earlier, that area was unfit for cultivation, but now flourished with coconut, banana and vegetables.  

Annamalai, the owner of Emerald tyres , is another successful farmer having 500 acres of land in Katatchi village near Kaliyarkovil. His farm is rich with 1000 mango trees, coconut and amla as main crops and the cultivation is organic .He started Emerald organic fertilizers and well established in a short span of time. The product is now going abroad , mainly to China and Sri Lanka. Emerald recently started production of liquid fertilizers too.  

Annamalai Chettiyar near Kileseval patti, who has cultivations of 45 acres is an engineer turned farmer, who has 40 acre of mango and poly house for cucumber cultivation. He made polyhouse with the support of Government subsidy of 50% and that came to around Rs.467/- per square meter. His engineering back ground helped him to start a poly house making firm also. He got Government approval for providing subsidy to his makings.  

Dairy is the major sector of Sivaganga, as the water shortage back track those in agriculture. In 2008-09, the total production of milk was 35,000 liters only. Then, the District collector, Siddik made an inquiry and found out that the number of cattle was less and it was due to lack of proper insemination. He made a project to provide training to science graduates in artificial insemination and that campaign clicked. Now, the population of cows is on the higher side and the milk is more than needed for consumption. At present, the challenge is that of the storage of excess milk. Sivaganga has only one chilling plant and Government plans for one more. To overcome the present crisis, KVK gives training to farmers for making value added products from milk.  

Since Sivaganga is a drought prone district, National Horticultural Mission provides 2 to 5 crore subsidy for perennial crops. Availability of good water is the major problem. Studies proved that upto 30 feet deep, the water is salty. In certain places, obtains water after bore 60 to 100 feet. Mitigation of salt water is a headache and the KVK is trying to implement electro magnetic field technology to solve the problem. In electro magnetic field technology, sodium chloride can be separated as sodium and chlorine.  

Thirunavukarasu of Sonasri organic fertilizers have its production unit at Sonipatti. They use sugar factory waste for making bio fertilizers. It all started after the villagers of Muthukudi protested against sugar companies who dumped the waste into their village. He took interest in procuring the waste and making it as organic manure in large scale. Now, he earns Rs. 40 -50 lakhs per annum from his company. He is having 5 acres of banana cultivation also. He is a specialist in tray seedlings supply too. About 3000- 4000 people visit his farm per annum.  

Don Bosco goat farm is another successful venture that is in Salai gramam of Ilayamgudi block. The owner is a gulf returnee who took advice from KVK and started goat farm of “ Kodi aadu” and “Kanni aadu” . Muthaiyya of Kallad is a central government award winner who successfully managing a piggery farm. Obtaining hotel waste was a big problem  for him. District Collector directed municipalities to provide all hotel waste free of cost to the piggery and now Muthaiyya is a happy man and municipality officials are also happy as the burden of bio waste is reduced drastically. 

There are hundreds of success stories among small farmers, said Dr. Sendur Kumaran, Kundrakudi KVK head. The total staff of KVK is 16, out of that 9 are ministerial staff, 6 scientists and one head scientist. Scientists are from various fields like veterinary, agronomy, horticulture, soil science, home science and fisheries. Indeed, fishery is one of the established fields in Sivaganga as 8400 ponds were made under DRDA and MNREGA schemes. The major cultivations are that of catla, rohu, mirgal and gift tilapia. 

Sendur Kumaran is a good captain of KVK. He is a Ph.D in vegetable science and M.Sc in Pea Breeding. He has done research in Belgium based hydrophilic polymer in tomato. He was part of the team which introduced hydrogel in India for the first time.  

For more details:

Dr. S. Sendur  Kumaran, Professor and Head, KVK Sivaganga
Mobile No - 8072009011 
Email- kvk-kundrakudi@tanuvas.org.in 

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