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Left Job of 85K, Started Dairy and Earned 2 CRORE in 2 yr.

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

There are people who keep on proving the worth of proverb “Where there's a will, there's a way”. People like Santosh Sharma from Jharkhand is one such example. Santosh Sharma proved the significance of will power and firm determination and digressing from the regular wants. He is a person who is highly inspired by APJ Abdul Kalam.

In a country like India, how many people find a job easily, and how many of them find a job with a good pay. Salary as good as 85,000? And how many of them even think of leaving the job which pays them 85k and take up something like dairy farming?

We present here, Mr. Santosh Sharma who already did this. Santhosh Sharma left his high paying job of 85 k, not only this, he also left his comfortable and urban lifestyle and settled in a Naxalite affected area of Jharkhand.


Who would ever want to settle themselves in a naxalite affected area, but he did. He started his business in the state of Jharkhand and set up a dairy farm in one such naxalite area. All his hard work bore fruit when the profits came in. He made a whopping profit of 2 crore in mere 2 years of dairy farming.

The village where he started his venture is Dalma, where majority of people belongs to the tribal community. His business in the naxal affected area of Jharkhand was not  just about his profits but he also rendered many opportunities to the tribals to grow and prosper. This village, Dalma started with dairy farming but it is a wonder to know that now the people of the village are doing a lot of other things to sustain themselves.

Now the villagers are also practicing organic farming and working on making healthy milk factory. This initiative is making the village self-sufficient and sustainable. People like Santosh Sharma proves that if one thinks to go ahead with something in their mind and heart, they surely succeed after numerous adverse conditions or challenges, but that’s worth the try.

Santosh’s father retired from his job when he was very young. His mother decided to take the responsibility of the finances of the family and bought a cow. This cow helped them getting good returns from the milk they sold. Santosh and his brother also helped their mother in selling the milk. This business flourished and the number of cows increased from 1 to 25.


Quit Air India Job : 

After completing his 12th from commerce stream, he graduated from Delhi in Bachelor of Commerce. Along with this he also did a course in cost accounting. Sharma's first job was in Maruti. Here he worked on the stipend of 4800 rupees for 6 months. In 2000, He got a job at the salary of Rs 18,000 per month. In 2003, while preparing for the Civil Services he quit the job, Sharma joined as Branch Manager in 2004 in a multinational bank in Jamshedpur. Six months later, Sharma joined another bank. Subsequently, he joined as an Assistant Manager (Calcutta)  Air India in 2007. Here his monthly salary was 85,000 rupees. Then one day he met Kalam Sahab who inspired him, and he laid the foundation of a dairy farm and took a three-year leave from AI.


Sharma invested all his deposits to start the dairy farm. He started his dairy farm with 8 animals, which has now reached 100.

Sharma has not restricted himself to dairy business, but also writes and does motivational speaking. Sharma has so far written two books “Next What is In “ and “ Dissolve the Box”. He inspires students from top management institutes like IIMs.

These products are available in the market, He sells his produce by the name “M’ma Dairy” which supplies organic milk in Jamshedpur. The cows are only fed with organic fodder. He has also started selling cheese, butter and ghee in addition.

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