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Lokesh Kumar : A Progressive Youth Farmer

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Lokesh Kumar, 30 years old is from the district Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. Though he had no agriculture background, he was still able to invent a new method namely Staging Cultivation for his love for cultivating Bottle Gourd. Mr. Kumar has been doing farming since 13 years and is still very much active in his profession. Although he has done his Post graduation in MA Economics, his keen interest took him to cultivate the fields and grow different organic crops like potato, bottle gourd, maize, millet, cajanus cajan or pigeon pea. He has done various diploma and certification courses in Agriculture from Chandra Shekhar Azad University Of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur as well. He has attained specialization in growing bottle gourd, potato, and pigeon pea. His father is a retired head constable from U.P. police and having an economics background himself, he then thought of implementing his knowledge in the farming sector. And, this zeal of doing something new made him proud on himself as a progressive youth farmer.

He brings a good variety of seeds from Pusa ( New Delhi), District Horticulture Board ( Dabrai), Krishi Vishwavidhyalaya (Kanpur) for farming. He practices new technologies like organic farming and staging cultivation in his fields. He grows pigeon pea, potato, tomato, maize organically and bottle gourd with staging cultivation. Mr. Lokesh Kumar shares his experiences with Krishi Jagran Media Group, that after harvesting he uses a plastic crate and the sticker of his name to sell the bottle gourd as a brand. He also tells us that he prefers using Maishakselen tractor for cultivating his fields as he finds this vehicle very robust in technology and easy to use. After seeing his commendable work, the State Government also appraised him by honoring District Level Awards for Staging Cultivation and for good production.

Mr. Kumar suggests the government that they should start the Direct Selling Production Centre at district levels as soon as possible. This will prove to be a major breakthrough for both consumers and the wholesalers, as both will be able to buy and sell goods at reasonable rates. Moreover, hindrance from middle man will also come to an end. He also suggested that storage facilities like refrigerators should be provided to every farmer or Zero energy cool chambers should be made so that the farmers keep daily harvesting crops and vegetables afresh. On questioning about cultivation practices, he confesses that almost all farmers cultivate only those crops which gives them good returns and that growers generally focus on cash crops rather than the demand.

Lastly, he expresses his deep concern and grief for the farmers who were affected by the unseasonal rains and urges them not to lose hope as they are not alone. He suggests his fellow farmers that they should not be totally dependent on farming, rather they should find out new ways to earn a livelihood especially when they are aware of the fact that the sector they work for day and night is extremely vulnerable. During unfavorable situation farmers should gather courage instead of committing suicide, he says.

He will be starting Kisan Bikri Rath very soon to give the platform to the farmers who will be interested in direct selling of their products to buyers on a discount of 10 percent. He will be offering this service free of cost. He appreciates fairs like Kisan Mela and Kisan Goshti and urges the organizers to host such events from time to time.

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