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Online Portal to Reduce Jackfruit Waste

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

The fact came into reality that almost Rs 2,000 crore worth of Jackfruit goes to waste every year in Karnataka. One of the reasons behind the wastage is the way the jackfruit is packaged. Jackfruit is enjoyed all over India due to its pleasant flavour and health benefits like strengthening of bones and nerves to eliminating the risk of cancer. It is in high demand because of its nutritional benefits. It is grown in huge quantity but due to the lack of awareness in packaging every year 2000 crore worth of jackfruit goes wasted.  

In order to reduce this waste the two Kannadigas came together recently to help farmers increase their incomes by helping them wrap India's most underrated fruit. Yathish and Shivanna, however, shared the same goal, helping the farmers of the country. 


 65-year-old Shivanna, an expert with fruits and vegetables has undertaken similar sessions in the past that has helped hundreds of farmers cut down wastage of jackfruits. 

Shivanna also explained the process of packing the jackfruit which is simple. All one has to do is cut one jackfruit open with a stainless steel knife and put it in a utensil. Squeeze one lemon in one litre of water. The lemon juice dissolves the sticky gum and prevents the fruit from turning brown. This water can be used multiple times for around 10 jackfruits. Once the peel is off, the pieces are packed in a pouch and sealed. The shelf life of the pieces is 3-4 days, Shivanna tells.  

Shivanna is known for his deep interest in jackfruits in his hometown. In the session, he also spoke about the health drink 'Jaffee' made from the seeds of jackfruit, "Jackfruit serves multiple purposes so wasting them should be avoided and to educate the farmers about its true value, I also told them about Jaffe." 

Highly impressed with the technique of ShivannaYathish is soon going to organise a similar session for other farmers that are registered with Local Farmer.  

The online portal has 50 registered farmers and 1000+ customer base. 

From vegetables, fruits, dairy products to spices and pulses, the Local Farmer sells fresh produce to its customers whenever there is a demand which means that farmers will only harvest if there is an order. 

Currently, this website supports farmers from Dakshina Kannada, and Udupi districts of Karnataka and products are available for supply in South Bengaluru, Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. Soon, the services will be available in other locations. 




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