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Product of 30 thousand farmers online by two brothers, who changed life

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

What would happen if you would like to thank the farmer who produces your food? This was not possible in the system till tomorrow, but with the help of two entrepreneurial brothers, it is possible.The Subedaar Major Balkaar Singh  Sandhu worked for 32 years in the Army and retired from the army in 2008. As soon as he retired from the army, he returned to Amritsar and started farming on his native land. His family was traditionally associated with agriculture and being a farmer's son, he always wanted to join his roots back. Being the owner of 40 acres of land, the lion family were in good condition, they were richThough Balkaar Singh felt that small farmers in his area were being cheated by middlemen. Some families associated with farming were unable to pay their loans for three generations, and some of them even did self-worth. Balkaar Singh started raising voice for the rights of the farmers and he was elected regional head of Amritsar and Tarn Taran Kisan Sangharsh Committee. 

Pavittar Singh and Harjaap made role model 

His son Pavittar Singh, a skilled software engineer, was working abroad and during that time he chose the family business restaurant in Belgium and Netherlands. He was well-acquainted with the challenges of agriculture in India because he often used to hear about his father's experience with his mother and he was raised in the farming family. Revolutionary change in the life of Puthar Singh came in 2014 when a farmer was killed on the railway track during a three-day protest demonstration led by his father. With the desire to hear about the condition of the farmers and to join the Father, Pavittar decided to return to India. Her husband Harjaap Singh, who had been involved in farming for six years before going abroad,Also decided to join them. After that, for nearly a year and half, both of them visited the whole country and tried to know the problems and their causes of the farmers. After that both of them reached a conclusion and found that two main reasons behind this are responsible. First, farmers can not decide for themselves the price of their crop because they do not have direct contact with their consumers. Second, due to the problem of storage, they have to sell their crops to middlemen or agents.

 Kisan Mitra means farmer friend

 The plan was prepared to solve these challenges, both the pavittar  and  Harjap brought a solution to the farmers and gave them the name, 'Kisan Mitra' i.e. farmer friend.The two brothers formed a strong team of 20 people who went to small villages and talked about their plans from Panchayat, which included the linking of farmers directly to consumers. As soon as the Panchayat agreed, they declared that the farmers can join themselves in this scheme. Harjap and Pavittar to connect the farmers and solve their questions. In Haryana and Punjab, two farmer service centers were also built, which used to be a help center for the farmers. During the two years, about thirty thousand farmers had joined the farmer friend.Excited by the spread of his network, Pavittar and Harjap started their official website in August 2016 to connect farmers and consumers directly. The founders also joined the restaurants and hotel owners directly to get the goods directly from the farmers. At the same time, more than 350 restaurants and hotels and more than two and a half thousand people are getting grains, chickens, milk products and vegetables from farmers through peasant friends.

 Both the farmer and the consumer winner 

It is a win-win situation for the people of both sides. Under this, the farmers do not sell anything like this, there is no harm to their consumers, and the consumer gets the goods at cheap rates. Apart from this, the farmer gets the right price and also the realization of being a master, because now he can decide the price of his crop. According to Pavittar, it is not enough to offer facilities like loan forgiveness and free checking of soil to solve the problem of farmers.He said, 'They are willing to work hard to pay their debt, they only need to get the right price for their product. After all, why is the farmer becoming poor every day, while the goods produced by him are becoming increasingly expensive in the market? Why is it so difficult to understand that this is the time when we should remove the middleman who is responsible for this wrong difference. 

Kisan Mitra operates in more than 20 cities of the country 

To become a friend of the farmer you will have to log on to the website and find the farmers of your place. Online their name and contact number are there.It is mentioned that you can contact them for your needs. If they get enough order, the farmer will deliver the goods to you. In this way, you can meet the farmer and also thank him, who works from his fields to feed your table. 


Kisan Seva Kendra is located in Kapurthala in Punjab and Kurukshetra of Haryana. Find out about Farmer Friend online on the Internet or you can write Boalkar, Pavitar and Harjap on info@farmerfriend.in 

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