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Ramesh Dagar from Maidan Gadhi, Delhi Shares his Experiences in Farming

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Ramesh Dagar is well known farmer in India. Mr. Dagar is hailing from Maidan Gadhi village in southern parts of Delhi. He belongs to farmer family. He migrated to Sonipat, Haryana in 1969 after his father’s illness.  In Sonipat he looked after his father’s land and found that soil was not so much fertile. After a consistent research and application of valuable traditional fertilizers and manures he became successful in income generation by producing good crops. In the year 1981, Mr. Dagar moved to floriculture especially flower like marigold, french merigold, cut flower etc. and earned good revenue. As a result of that he bought 100 acres of land in 1994. He has been also active in politics & District President of Sonepat but in 1999 left all the political activities.

Mr. Dagar is a successful and very well  known farmer.  He is very good exemplar for other farmers of his area. He has suggested to all farmers to grow crops on market demands for getting the maximum price. He also suggested to that the farmer should always remember the environment and should not adopt any agricultural practices which destroy natural environment. According to him this is right time to grow the crops in the natural climatic condition with latest scientific techniques.

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