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Rearing goat gives billion - hero of Assam

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Unemployment is a major problem of India. Paying school fees for their children was nearly impossible. This is the story of a house wife in Assam who is not well educated and her husband income is not enough for their family and children. Then things changed. Mrs. Bhanu Kalita a successful woman of Assam has started her goat rearing with 5 goats at the time of enrollment. The goats were managed under the semi-intensive management system i.e. in the morning they were sent out for open grazing and on the return at evening they were provided with cultivated fodders (sapling provided by AICRP), little bit of concentrate and kitchen waste. Goat is considered as a cow of the poor because they give milk, meat, skin and hair to them. Goat rearing will definitely increase the earning of women and some sort of reduction can be noticed in unemployment.

Goat rearing will get 10 poor deprived women a better livelihood which will boost their confidence. They will be able to meet basic requirement of family as children education by selling milk, manure and meat from goat rearing and poverty definitely be reduced.

The woman of Assam use technology, good practices and other intervention. Use of superior bucks for breeding adopted raised platform type housing, with inter-convertible door cum stepladder with thatch roofing, periodical dipping of the goat with neem and tobacco leaves extract has reduced the incidence of ectoparasites in her flock. These types of technology or good practices will make a good goat rearing. The specific output due to technologies intervention are that the flock size increased due to less mortality. Therefore healthier flock with reduced mortality and increasing growth rate is leading to higher body weight.

Mrs. Kalita emerged as a role model in the village, her knowledge level and confidence boost the goatery in the region and there was mushrooming of many smaller units. In 2016, she sold 53 goats and earned earned 80,430 rupees.

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