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Sona Moti, Rare Desi Wheat Variety Reintroduced

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

On his four day visit to Punjab, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, The Art of Living, on  18 March  2019 launched ‘Sona Moti’ a natural wheat variety high on nutritional value and health quotient, with 3 times more folic acid than any other grain. It has nearly 267% more minerals and 40% more protein and fat than any other wheat variety. 
Long before the Green Revolution, there were ancient Desi varieties of wheat that were grown in India for thousands of years.  These varieties are almost extinct in the country today due to the rampant use of hybrid and improved wheat varieties.

One such variety rediscovered by Art of Living in the farms of Pingalwara ashram of Pooran Singh is the wheat called Sona moti, christened by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi  Shankar after its almost round shape and golden hue. 

 “A piece of Jalalabad goes to every place through the rice that is exported from here,” Gurudev said while addressing about 20,000 farmers, “Now a new revolution will begin from the cultivation of Sona Moti desi wheat variety.”

 Gurudev shared, “When I came to Punjab many years ago a local farmer showed me seed of local variety of wheat, which Sri Sri Institute of  Agricultural sciences got it tested in laboratory and found out that the Folic acid content is 12% higher than any other grain. Folic acid is important to for a healthy body. Many type of diseases like heart attack, blood pressure is caused by lack of folic acid. This wheat variety can solve many such issues and the grain that goes out of Punjab will spread health all around.” 


He said, “It is important to save desi seed and fight this war against multinational companies which are destroying the desi variety and trying to control the farming.” 
The seed variety is set to create a revolution amongst the wheat growing farmers of Punjab. The wheat has low glycemic index and low on gluten which is surely a boon to the health conscious consumers as well as those with life style diseases. 
The laboratory test results have thrown up some surprising facts about the nutritive value of the variety (shown in the chart below). The Folic acid content is the highest found in any grain variety. 
20 farmers are presently growing this wheat in the Bhatinda, Fazilka and Jalabad area in Punjab. The Art of Living has supported them in training and growing of this wheat by natural farming techniques using organic manure. The first harvest of 18 tons is expected to be ready by April. Art of Living is also helping them with agriculture business model so that the farmers and the consumers benefit at the end. The 18 tons have been pre booked by the Art of Living itself at a rate of Rs. 80 per kg, which is a huge boost to the farmers growing the crop and the consumers too as they are also assured of quality. 


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