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The Enterprising Dream


The famous adage by Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” describes the essence of life succinctly. There are some journeys, which when heard, serve as a beacon of hope, and a source of inspiration. Once such journey is of 27 year old, Ravindranath Reddy.  

Ravindranath grew up in a family, where dairy farming was the only source of income; an additional challenge was the fact that most of the livestock his father owned were native breeds, which meant that the output of milk was insufficient; hence, money did not suffice for the needs of a family of 6 members.  With 5 animal units, and not enough funds to recruit manpower, the young man had started helping with the livestock already from an early age. College education remained a dream, as his grades did not suffice. However, the urge to do something in life, and become an entrepreneur, always remained a dream close to his heart.  

Destiny, however, had other plans: post several business endeavours, and huge losses incurred, therein, Ravindranath decided to take up the dairy unit of his father. For the same, he also realized the need to up skill himself, and, therefore, decided to attend the Entrepreneurship Development Programme held at Duttalur, Andhra Pradesh. The knowledge attained gave him an opportunity to make changes in the existing farm. After the completion of the programme, the young man even attended an Apprenticeship programme, where he had learnt fodder management through silage, Azolla, Hydroponics and subsidised feed. He replaced the native breeds with the high yielding Murrah breed, applied for insurance for all animals, and began to grow fodder in the 3 acres of land to minimise the cost of feed. 

Ravindranath, currently, has 15 animal units, and is also scaling it up with 5 more animals. He has applied for various government schemes and subsidies to reduce the cost of his farm’s maintenance. He and his family members are totally involved in maintaining the farm. He earns an income of 45,000 rupees per month, excluding the expenses and loans – a dream finally comes true for this young man: a dream to not become financially independent, but also realize his potential as an entrepreneur.  

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