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The Grape Cultivation Is The Most Lucrative Framing

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Grape is an important commercial fruit crop of south India. Grape cultivation or farming is one of the most lucrative and profitable farming in India. In the harvest of grapes, dry canes are removed which is called "Growth Pruning". The agriculture labor work very hard in the month of September and October.  Hard work is required for canes to be pruned again from February to April when Grapes are full to bear fruits.   It is interesting to mention that some innovative farmers made some changes in two pruning. By doing this they get production in December-January which can fetch higher price for their produce by harvesting crop before season.

The farmer of Chittur and Anantapur districts of AP and Bangalore and Kolar districts of Karnataka  incorporate major changes by training and pruning. It can keep the plant in a mangeable shape and dispose the branch in desirable direction and position, by pruning. It can actually drive flow of sap towards fruiting area of plant and force the plant for better quality of grapes for production.

Shri Vijay Kumar of Anantpur made a major change in the pruning's and brought his produce in market in October itself. He did growth pruning in January and made fruit pruning in June. These help him to harvest the crop in October. He obtained a high yield of 50 tons per hectare. The variety used was Dilkhush and the produce was sold in local market. 
About 20kg decomposer in farm manure and 3kg castor cake/plant/year were applied. Owning to technically supported facilities, we are betrothed in catering a premium grade of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus. Water soluble fertilizer was started from 40 days to continue to 100 days.

The economics of grapes cultivation and achievement by Shri Vijay Kumar is praise worthy. He spent Rs.1,50,000 on the cultivation and got a gross income  of Rs.11,50,000 with a net profit of Rs. 7,75,000.

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