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The Incredible Journey of this Village from Inorganic Cultivation to Organic Farming

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
organic farming

Organic farming is steadily gaining popularity and grabbing the attention of many farmers all across the world. Now people get more attracted to organic cultivation which has so many added advantages along with the pollution-free world. Let’s know about the inspiring story of a village that has successfully implemented the organic revolution within them.

As per reports, organic farming has steadily gained traction among farmers in Vellore in Tamil Nadu. In the last few years, many farmers in the district have started to move away from inorganic farming to adopt organic means of raising crops.

“Thondai Mandalam Uzhavar Urpathiyalar Niruvanam”, a consortium of 350 organic farmers that has started in the year 2016, demonstrated techniques to earn higher yields from farmlands.

Moreover, farmers from 15 blocks of Vellore were playing the major part of the movement.

“Nothing is impossible in farming. You have to invest your money, energy, and perseverance. It will pay you rich dividends,” said D. Kumaran, who also received inputs from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, a farmer welfare organization run by the government, reaped a rich Guava harvest on his farmlands in Kammasamuthiram in Kaniyambadi block.

Vellore District

Organic Farming Advantages 

Multiple varieties of Guava Cultivated through Organic Farming

As per reports, seven varieties of guava cultivated in the district namely ‘Thailand Pink’, ‘Thailand White’, ‘Arka Kiran’, ‘Lalith’, ‘Allahabad Safeda’, ‘Lucknow 49’ and ‘Arka Mrudula’  and all are from high yield varieties of guava fruits, said Dr. Kumaran.

“Each guava produced at these organic farms weighs about 400-500 grams. The use of organic seeds and manure of nutrient value makes the fruit bigger and tastier. Likewise, mango varieties of ‘Bengaluru’, which when made into juice produces a pulpy nutrient, is assured of quality and a longer lifetime, if preserved properly”, he added.

“Consumers can purchase organic products at a lesser price than organic shops,” Mr. Kumaran says. The farmers expect a better price for their produce as there are no middlemen involved.

As per reports, apart from 30 acres of farmland with guava trees, 100 acres of mango and more than 400 acres of traditional rice varieties have also been cultivated using this method.

The consortium also provides technical support to farmers who want to take up organic farming. They are also guided in crop protection.

“We are ready to help farmers who want to get organic certification for their products and also help them in getting training in value addition to their produce,” he says.

“Farmers can be sure of better market value for their products if the people understand the importance of organic farming,” says C. Santosh, a farmer from Baratharami.

What was the Inclusive Project?

As per reports, women from self-help groups like ‘Mahalir Thittam’ are getting training in farming, reaping, segregation, value addition, and packing.

“More support in the form of extending loans to the organic farmers would enable more people to venture into this scientific agri-business,” says Mr. Kumaran.

“Our aim is to turn farmers into businessmen, and once they establish regular contacts with the buyers, they would be encouraged to produce more depending on the requirements of their customers,” Kumaran added.

“Thanks to the efforts of project director, A.R. Sivaraman, our members are able to get much closer to the buyers through the ‘Nam Sandhai’ market organized on Sundays at Vellore,” Santosh says.

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