Success Story

The Soft touch for a Blooming Success

Meghalaya’s west Garo hills offers an ideal climate for the cultivation of Anthuriums flowers which are in great demand as cut flowers. Under the Technology Mission 10 woman farmers were identified. Merry Corelia A Sangma came forward to enroll under scheme and took the lead. Planting material, coco peat medium, all inputs and technical guidance was provided to these 10 farmers.

Soon different varieties of anthurium started blooming and they earned ranging from Rs.40,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 per annum. Though the gardens were of small sizes, they brought their produce to a collection centre and benefited from economies of scale and collective marketing. They started participating in exhibitions where their flowers were highly appreciated in terms of quality and variety. Now they have registered a society and several women in this area are inspired by their success.

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