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This Uttarakhand Farmer Has Created History by Growing 6ft Tall Coriander Plant

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

The urge for settling down with a better-paying profession has led farmers in Uttarakhand to take a route for metro cities like Delhi. Human migration has left the hilly farms of Uttarakhand, where farming has been the primary source of income for most people, quite deserted. While many farmers have abandoned their native place, one of those farmers has returned back to the mountains to create history as he has commenced with organic farming in his own village.

Gopal Upreti left his corporate job at Delhi to cultivate organic apples in Billekh village of Tadikhet, Ranikhet. Upreti has registered his name in India’s Book of Records for his spectacular feat of growing a 6 feet one inch tall coriander plant, and has set an example for many farmers.

Venturing into Organic farming

Gopal Upreti started his own apple orchards in the year 2016. He has been cultivating avocado, peach, and apricot along with apple in his village through organic farming. He has also grown organic garlic, pea cabbage and fenugreek in his organic farms.

Upreti’s Record-Breaking Coriander

According to experts, the normal height of a best quality coriander plant is only up to four feet. But Gopal Upreti's organic coriander plants have outgrown and have touched 6 feet 1 inch length, which is being considered a substantial achievement. Upreti says that it was only possible with the organic approach towards farming. His coriander plant broke the record by leaving behind a 5 feet 11 inches tall plant.

How Upreti Generates a Turnover of Rs 1 crore

In his organic farm, Upreti has done many innovations and experiments in the field of horticulture. After leaving his normal job, Upreti chose farming, which is not considered a well-off profession even now. However, he has managed to generate a turnover of more than Rs 1 crore annually through his apple orchard in Ranikhet in Almora district, which is far more than he would have ever generated in his corporate job.

Situations May Change for Better for farmers, Believes Upreti

In Upreti’s view, people still link agriculture with poverty, backwardness and hardships. If a farmer is also seen in luxury cars, their children are speaking fluent English, and if development in agriculture is on the lines of other big industries and if we are able to represent farming as ‘new normal’, then the situation for farmers can change. In the years to come, farmers would be selling their own home-grown vegetables and fruits directly to the customer on e-commerce websites.

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